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    Thread: Need Help finding seat runners

    1. 06-29-2010 09:22 PM #1
      hey... im a new driver who just bought my first car, a 1983 volkswagen rabbit cabriolet 5 speed... its a great car and mecanicly its all being taken care of but i still need a few things for it. on the interior i need 2 new runners that the seats slide back and forth on and i cant seem to find them any place i look. any tips or help would be very appreciated. thanks!

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      06-29-2010 10:04 PM #2
      First go to Ebay or to your Dealer and get a
      Slide Kit.

      Scoot the Seat forward, and fold it over.

      Remove the Pin that holds the cover to the inner rail.

      Lift the cover up slightly and pull it to the back.

      Remove the 10mm Acorn nut off the Allen screw on the front rail remove the screw.

      Slide the seat as far back as you can go, Now lift it up and out of the rails.

      Take the time to remove the latching pin, remove the one or 2 springs take the pin out and clean it free of grease
      and goo, Brake clean and q-tips are great.

      Clean all the crud out of the seat rails. Lightly grease the Latching pin and the rail tops and bottom.

      Clean the center rail on the bottom of the seat.

      Place the new rubber slide on the carrier. Curved piece goes to the center. Grease the top of the new piece.

      Pull the Nylon slides off the Seat rails by lifting the center (removes the key from the slot) and prying it off the side.

      Tap the new ones back into place and make sure that the center is laying flat and in the slot. There are 2 slides one flat and one with wings.
      The Wing ones go on the outside rail, the flats go in the middle.

      Now the fun part.

      Place the Seat back in to the far as you can get it position, and work the slides so they just get started in to the

      Now lifting the front of the seat pull it into the latch,

      Be Patient as it is a PITA..

      While you are pulling the seat forward... Move the seat slide mechanism arm to the latching pin.
      Use a flat blade a Screwdriver to hold the latching pin away from the slide. Its so much fun....

      Replace the Acorn nut and tighten.....

      Slide the seat forward and replace the cover, and the pin.

      Repeat for the other side.

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