VWVortex.com - How do you take care of your mental health?
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    Thread: How do you take care of your mental health?

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      07-09-2011 06:22 PM #101
      Realize that things are as bad or crazy as you allow them to be in your head. Not everyone responds the same way to the similar problems. I think that's the control we have vs. the mentality of others letting things happen to you.

      Understand who your real friends are, keep physically active no matter how bad you feel (move), dont eat too much crap (understand how foods make you feel) and change up your surroundings - travelling helps me a lot in understanding and keeping things in perspective.

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      07-10-2011 05:32 PM #102
      Awesome advice thanks guys!

      My update

      Well lately the acne thing is getting to me, my doctor prescribed some minocycline (sp?) to try and tone it down. It's strange but when I was a teenager I had acne I don't remember if it was worse or better than it is now, but I never let it bother me. However now that I'm a month from 24 it really is a kick in the balls to my self-esteem. How can I mack on ladies if my face looks like Mars?!

      I know many will say bitches that ignore you because of your looks deserve a **** punt but nevertheless it's debilitating to some extent and affects my outgoing personality.

      I've been running this summer a mile and a half or so three to four times a week, I find that that is a confidence booster, sort of a natural high. I feel good after running. But still the girl thing plagues me.

      As for financial matters, I'm definitely not a ramen, mac and cheese eating student (all the time), I live within my means and have a sound monetary backing should something come up. In the "first world" I think that money ~ happiness, it's just the way we built our societies and what capitalism entails, but that's for the financial lounge.

      Anyways we'll see how things turn out, I'm going into my last year of school now, less than 10 months to go.

      -acne ****ing sucks
      -makes it hard to talk to wimmin
      -running makes me feel good
      -money = good stuff, make more of it

      I know!! I'll fap, then I won't want a girlfriend at least for an hour!!!

      Edit: as for food I'm keeping up a fairly healthy diet, lots of fruits and veggies, no soda, minimal alcohol maybe a wine or G&T once in a while, I've cut back on meat. Still some flab but at least my legs are fairly fit and strong.
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      07-15-2011 02:50 PM #103
      Quote Originally Posted by steveo989 View Post
      there's a few times every year that i just need to get away from everything and just have a completely **** tastic day. I usually just take a drive up north and just try to avoid everything and anyone.

      I think it also helps my stress levels that my car is paid off, i have more in my retirement than most 40 year olds do, and i am actually obtaining a real education after 5 years in the navy. I think the more sound you are financially the greater your health is. There is some debt that is understandable such as a mortgage or perhaps an unexpected medical bill. However, there is no sense in trying to keep up with the jones' buying/leasing a car every couple years, going out to dinner/bar more than once or twice a week, or just living beyond your means.

      I think saving at least 10% of your gross income helps a lot. You never know when your furnace will break, your transmission grenades, or even when your buddies decide to go on a last minute vacation. Saving just helps keep the road of life from becoming a full blow road block and keeps you chugging forward.

      I think it also helps getting rid of those friends that never have anything positive to say and begin surrounding yourself with people you would like to become or simply people like yourself. Not from a financial perspective, but just an educational background and values. It is extremely difficult to prove to yourself you need an education if you are surrounded by a bunch of friends that work minimum wage jobs and have no real goals in life.

      As far as fitness, if everything begins piling up i just get on my bike and crank out a good 30 mile ride and just get out of town and away from my responsibilities for just a little while. A solid hour and a half away from deadlines, business, homework, and work is what everyone needs to do.

      Most importantly! You need to figure out how to relax. You need to find what works for you and take time off. Some people go to the cabin, others to florida, mexico, just sit on the counch and watch some tv for a couple days. This ties back into the saving money idea, because how can you take a week off and relax if you don't have the money in the bank to do so. I assure you taking time off and just charging the money onto a credit card will not contribute to lowering your stress levels.


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      07-19-2011 06:25 PM #104
      i've read a couple books lately that seem to bring me up when i'm down. "the pursuit of happiness" and "ethics for the new millenium" by the dalai lama are two good ones that make you feel the world is a little brighter than it leads on to be.

      Also, i'm addicted to caffiene (or lots of B vitamins?) I take 5 hours quite regularly... and i save them for when i'm tired and depressed. It seriously puts me right back into an optimistic mood minutes after taking it. I'll take them before job interviews, important presentations, workouts, whatever. Just never more than one a day, and i usually don't need them on the weekends.

      other than that, it's only action that can keep me in a good mood. obviously going to the gym, or doing something productive will always make you feel better about yourself. the hardest part is starting that activity, then it becomes self rewarding as you make progress.

      Lastly, i always try to realize that when i'm down, i'll come right back up, and i try to not dwell on any negative thoughts. They are downright useless. Anger, sadness, lust, all of those things never really help any situation (maybe anger when it's needed out of justice, but that's it).
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      08-01-2011 04:32 PM #105
      Quote Originally Posted by ABAcabby View Post
      i've read a couple books lately .

      If you haven't already (and even if you have), read "Letters from a Stoic" - Seneca
      Enjoy the minimalist philosophy.

      Lastly, i always try to realize that when i'm down, i'll come right back up, and i try to not dwell on any negative thoughts. They are downright useless. Anger, sadness, lust, all of those things never really help any situation (maybe anger when it's needed out of justice, but that's it).
      I always encourage embracing emotion, acknowledging that they don't last. Fact is, your emotions are yours, even if you are a "receiver" (e.g. someone makes you mad). It's imperative to know the triggers so you can manipulate them.

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      09-21-2011 11:45 AM #106
      Honestly college right now makes me sort of depressed and figuring out a career makes things even tougher. Honestly what makes me feel better is what I eat and running. I eat a lot of bananas and almonds and it seems to help me feel better and have a better outlook on things.

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      06-21-2013 09:07 PM #107
      Two different psychologist .
      One for ADHD the other for PTSD for growing up in a cult .

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      06-21-2013 09:11 PM #108
      Quote Originally Posted by skin1488760
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    10. 09-12-2019 04:34 PM #109
      Mental health is vital for everybody. If you have incredible mental health you will be an intelligent thinker and sharp-minded. You can without much of a stretch tackle issues inside time. There are a few hints about how to look after your mental health.
      1) Keep energetic.
      2) Eat well.
      3) Drink reasonably.
      4) Keep in contact.
      5) Ask for help.
      6) Take a break.
      7) Do something you're great at.

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