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    Thread: Its been a while... Thinking about getting back into another mk3

    1. 11-28-2010 06:33 AM #1
      Been getting the itch lately to get into another mk3 and being deployed, i should have some money to work with when i get back to the states. I was wondering if anyone had some good links to reading material about whats involved with wiring up a 1.8t swap into a mk3 splicing the mk4 harness into the mk3 harness. My plans were originally to go with a reflex tuning plug and play kit, but i guess they are no longer making them. I would use the search function but the internet out here is so slow it makes dial up look high speed. TIA guys.

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      11-28-2010 07:55 AM #2
      do it
      Quote Originally Posted by GolfTango View Post
      Chunky girls love your user name.
      Quote Originally Posted by ClockworkChad View Post
      you really have to calm it down dude. take a deep breath. its the internet. everything will be ok.

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      11-28-2010 09:14 AM #3
      I'd love to kick your poodle. I'd love to slig your cat. I'll bust your yanni cds with a baseball bat. I'd send your fat-mouth mama sailing like the flying nun. I'd like to shoot you in the a$$ with a bb gun.

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      11-28-2010 09:22 AM #4
      That was one of the first threads i read on here ^
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