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    Thread: How to adjust (aim) headlights?

    1. n00b
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      Dec 16th, 2011
      '04 phaeton v8
      12-16-2011 10:33 AM #1
      Hi all!

      I need some help for this simple question.. I need to manually adjust the xenon lights bit up. I know where adjust screws are and removing the bumper is not a problem. The problem is: I do not know from either screw the lights go up. For example, if we look the car from the front and I need to adjust driverside light do I turn left or right screw? Please, ask more if you dont understand what I mean

      - Tomi

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    3. Member
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      Sep 17th, 2010
      Newfoundland Canada
      2004 VW V8 Phaeton Luna Blue Sonnen Beige Interior 5 Seater, 2001 Sebring Convertible, 2011 Ram 1500
      12-17-2011 02:58 PM #2
      I think the headlight level control is a ECU input, not a "turn the screw" thing. Again, I think you need to hook up the car to a VAG-COM to put it into adjustment mode before you start turning screws. I'm sure others will chime in.


    4. 12-19-2011 11:04 AM #3
      The headlamp assembly is held in by at least one physically adjustable mechanism. I don't know if that's the correct way to adjust the beam (I suspect not, I think Mike is correct), but judging by the extreme difficulty the dealer had in getting my headlamp units flush after refitting the bumper cover, I'd be very wary of moving them unless you're sure that's the way to do it.

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    6. Senior Member PanEuropean's Avatar
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      Nov 3rd, 2001
      Toronto, Canada
      2015 Golf Highline
      12-19-2011 01:30 PM #4

      Welcome to the Phaeton forum.

      It's a bit difficult to provide an exact answer to your question, because I'm not sure if you are inquiring about physical adjustment of the entire headlight assembly within the body of the car (something normally done only when the car is first assembled, or if bodywork has been carried out on the front end of the car), or if you are asking about the process for routine alignment (aiming) of the headlights.

      The difficulty in giving you a correct answer is further compounded by the fact that there are two different types of headlights available within the European (ROW, which means Rest of World) market. These include 'dual xenon' and 'single xenon' headlamps.

      For information about physical adjustment of the entire headlight assembly (for the purpose of getting the complete assembly to properly conform to the shape and body curvature of the front fender and bumper), have a look at this post: Retrofitting Dual Xenon Headlamps.

      The process of aligning the headlight beams (so that the beam of light emitted points in the correct direction) is very different between the North American market and the ROW, this because the low beam pattern in North American cars is very different from the low beam pattern in the ROW.

      To align the headlight beams, you need a diagnostic scan tool (a VAG-COM, VCDS, or VAS 5051, 5052 or similar), a screwdriver, and a Hella Beamsetter.

      The diagnostic scan tool is needed to invoke the 'alignment' mode of the headlight controllers. The vertical angle of the low beam headlight is constantly being adjusted in response to signals derived from the vehicle level control sensors. This is the case with all vehicles (from any manufacturer) that have xenon headlights. To complete the alignment process, you need to put the vehicle on a level surface, invoke the 'alignment' mode of the headlight controller, then make a manual adjustment of the low beam (and perhaps the high beam as well) using the screwdriver.

      I've attached instructions from the service manual that explain how alignment is done. This will give you a general overview of the process (the sequence of actions) that is followed.

      I think that if you visit your local VW dealer, they would probably be quite willing to print out the instructions that are applicable to your car and give these to you. Unless you have a diagnostic scan tool and a Hella Beamsetter, you are going to have to take the car to the dealer for the headlight alignment.

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