VWVortex.com - What did you do to your Sportwagen/Golf Wagon today?
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    Thread: What did you do to your Sportwagen/Golf Wagon today?

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      03-12-2020 09:32 AM #6926
      Finally joining the JSW gang after selling my DSG MK6 GTI.

      I've been eager to jump into something 6spd, and with a 2 month old I wanted something more practical. Just put the deposit on a 2014 JSW, basically fully loaded (nav, sunroof, backup cam, etc.) - picking it up this weekend.

      Here it is next to my wife's Alltrack. Two white wagons in the driveway now!

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    3. 03-12-2020 07:42 PM #6927
      Pelicar was ~$700 after taxes (paid w/ CC not cash) and included a tip to the installers for top shelf (3M Crystalline) tint all around. Wagons get the SUV rate. I know ceramic was cheaper -(100 or 150), and standard tint significantly less. Pelicar had tons of tint types, shades, and gradients to choose from and not a lot of shops around offer the variety.

      After doing a heat lamp test the crystalline was worth it IMO w. warranty (plan on keeping the car for 5 years) and have small kids in the back that hate cooking in the sun. They were EXCELLENT installers, super friendly, accommodating, and did a great job. They were workign on some seriously nice cars when I pulled in, and went out of their way to accommodate my schedule.

      Also great, was the mix-match options for various windows and tint levels. I highly recommend this shop but I also liked the folks at Mobile Tint Shop (East Boston), but getting there wasn't so simple and they didn't have as much selection (a year ago at my last visit).

    4. 03-12-2020 07:45 PM #6928
      Oh, and I did a thing today! Bye-bye chrome!

      This would have been easier if it were just a little warmer out, but all in all not bad. Took me about 3 hours total. Looks great when 1ft+ away, but closer and some small blemishes and cut lines are noticeable. Still, I love the overall effect.


      I'd like to blackout the front/rear emblems too and maybe de-badge, but then again I kind of like flying the dirty diesel badge..
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    5. 03-18-2020 07:19 PM #6929
      Just finishing up the exterior!
      Silver + Plastidip = Vader Rack

      Did door edge guards too, think the outside is done for now!

    6. 03-23-2020 05:08 PM #6930
      Purchased 2013 DTI sportwagen October buy back totally gone over by dealer and came with warranty-love this car-loaded with all options
      Not sure how to post picture

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