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    Thread: The PS4, XBOX ONE, and You.

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      02-28-2013 06:18 PM #1
      As we near the unveiling and release of the newest gaming consoles, we inevitably will have to deal with the passionate opinions or "fanboyism" that comes from the "fanboys" of each console.

      In the past with the PS3/360 releases, things have gotten a bit rocky at times. I am here to hopefully keep things a little more civilized this time around. So I just want to refresh our membership on our rules, and how they should conduct themselves during these discussions about their consoles of choice.

      Our forum rules are located here.

      • No flaming of other members to incite or perpetuate a conflict or argument. ANY personal attacks or name calling will get you banned.
      There are going to be topics and discussions that will have heated debates. Please think before you post and re-read what you type before you post it. Keep your comments limited to the debate at hand and not make this a personal issue between you and another reader. There is tremendous diversity in age, race, gender, language, location (worldwide) and more here and there will be a lot of varying opinions on different subjects. We’re all human beings and we we’re all drawn to this site because we have a common bond as Volkswagen and car enthusiasts.
      I've quoted the two most important things that should be read as we enter yet another big time release of the next generation of gaming consoles.

      There are going to be disagreements about what console people like more, that is ok. People are going to have varying opinions on different features each console offers, that is ok. People are going to prefer certain games over others, that is also ok.

      What will not be ok, is flaming, name calling, disrespecting, or generally talking down towards those who do not share your same opinions. Please be conscious of the fact that your opinions, are merely that... Opinions. If you cannot follow these rules, your posts will be deleted, you will receive infractions, and if that doesn't change anything, your actions will be forwarded to an admin for additional review, and judgement.

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