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    Thread: Flieger's Golf R Build

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      09-13-2019 10:00 AM #776
      Quote Originally Posted by XSSIVE View Post
      As far as I know there's no screw needed in the front center, the overlap design is what holds it there. The stock MK6 R half shield doesn't have a hole there and the MK5 R32 full size shield (which I have on my R) also doesn't have a hole there. Must just be an extra hole Rennline added for some reason.
      I agree that it’s not needed. The basic design of the front area doesn’t require a screw in that place. However if you look at the Rennline photos they have a standard T25 in the forward center hole. And they did cut a slot to install one.

      I’ve reached out to them to get an answer as to the thought process behind why they did what they did and if it’s actually needed? Just waiting to hear because from them.

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      09-13-2019 05:42 PM #777
      Don’t know how much different the Rennline one is but I have the ECS skid plate and in the directions it has you put a T25 there. Also gives you extra speed clip to install there. Don’t know if that helps any but amazing car btw

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