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    Thread: Jetta III conlog immobiliser bypass / removal

    1. 11-29-2013 04:33 AM #1

      I have a 97 Jetta III (South Africa) which appears to have a factory fitted Conlog 850/950 alarm immobiliser.

      The owners manual for the car states that it's a k-line system as per the 4 cylinder engine.

      It has a two button remote and a 4 pin manual override socket under the steering wheel. The fob casing is broken and sometimes fails to work, especially in town. Also the immobiliser intermittently allows the car to start but then the engine cuts out after 2 or 3 seconds. Using the overide socket does nothing. As conlog has gone bust I presume it will be hard to get spare parts and there are no immobiliser specialists nearby.

      Has anyone successfully bypassed the immobilizer unit and have instructions on how to do so? Also where is the box normally located? I can't find anything behind the headlight switch.


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    3. n00b
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      Sep 14th, 2014
      South Africa
      1997 Jetta CSL
      09-14-2014 12:42 PM #2
      I also drive a South African 1997 Jetta 3. I am also looking for more information about the immobilisers fitted seeing as mine is giving issues. I a new casing for my remote the other day for something like R50 after it broke. This may not solve your problem with the immobiliser, but at least then your fob casing is fixed

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