So two weeks back a group of friends and myself went to a little car event held at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia. This event is held annually and is only on saturday, however NASSA road racing occurs all weekend long.

The event features Road racing ( may be the wrong term) Drifting, go cart racing, a car show, a Rollover contest (where they purposely flip/roll a car over a many times as possible) Rally car ride alongs, Hyperdrives ( in which you can pay to go out onto the track in your car with an instructor for 20 min), Slide alongs (in which you pay to jump in the passgener seat with Chris Forsberg or Vaughn Gittin Jr and they go drift around the track), A ton of rednecks, Lots of beer, girls, strippers and free camping if your willing to put in the effort to walk to the camping areas.

This year was extremely hot, and had a crazy ton of people turnout. There were a few wrecks throughout the day (no footage of these just as a heads up) that slowed it up a tad and sadly a fatal crash, in which an instructor was killed.

I was able to get a media badge which allowed me to get allot closer to the action this year, in which I used primarily for the drift practice and competition. All in all it was a great time and can't wait for next year.

Check it out if you have a moment if not, thanks for your time anyhow.

Disclaimer: Video does feature techno/dubstep or whatever you want to call it as a background song. If you cannot stand it, just turn the volume off,I am sure you have heard an ls motor tapping out before so you wont miss too much..