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IMO. you are paying GTI or GOLF R money for an e-Golf and they can get both cars to ride nice on lowered suspension. So why couldn't they give the e-Golf the same treatment??? Now my car looks like a GTI and not like my Grandams shopping car

BTW all of my mods can be easily returned to Standard. I would never modify my car beyond that. The springs cost me £200 including fitting and the wheels where £800 including the Pirelli tyres. But it totally transformed the car in looks and handling. The suspension is so good my wife hasn't even noticed I have lowered it yet. That is testament to how nice the car rides now.

Good to hear that the ride remains 'wife approved' .
Thats about what I would have expected though from Eibach springs. In my experience they are typically not a huge jump in spring rates over OEM to maintain a comfortable ride.

I am not averse in modding the car. I just have a number of other car and home projects lined up that really need to get completed before I start in on the e-Golf.

The past 2-3yrs have just been very busy with moving to a new home, and remodeling and selling off 2 rental properties... and now that's all done so everything has collapsed down into one house. Lots of storage solutions need to be put into place, and I have a couple of car maintenance and projects after that to finish.