For Sale is a set of 4 19" Audi R8 wheels and tires. $2699 + Shipping
Check out for more info or feel free to message with questions.

Set List for $3900 Without Tires

OEM part #'s

420 601 025 BB

420 601 025 BG

Front wheels measure 8.5x19 ET 42

Rear wheels measure 11x19 ET 50

These wheels are genuine Audi 19" alloys from a 2014 Audi R8

Wheels and tires were removed from a car with less than 1500 miles.

Wheels and tires could both pass for new!

No scratches, dings, or other blemishes

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See pics for more details.

Front tires are Conti ProContact 235/35/19 with approx 7/32" tread depth

Rear tires are Conti ProContact 295/30/19 with approx 7/32' tread depth