VWVortex.com - Who else is autocrossing their mk7 GTI? Video & build discussion please.
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    Thread: Who else is autocrossing their mk7 GTI? Video & build discussion please.

    1. 08-12-2019 09:36 PM #876
      I run the Konig runlites. I can't comment on any other options.

      They fit over PP brakes and are lighter than Austin's by a wide margin and a little lighter than the 18' Pretorias. I've had no issues with them in 2 Sessions with 3 to 4 drivers, 12 events a year.

      That being said, rear sway bar and proper alignment are what transform the car.

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      08-13-2019 01:43 AM #877
      Quote Originally Posted by Zedsi View Post
      Hello Fellow Auto-xers!
      I am quite late to the MK7 campaign and I am finding the info on this thread to be very helpful and motivating to return to the sport. I have a couple of questions regarding the wheel options. There are several wheels discussed in this thread that no longer appear available. Is anyone with a PP car running RPF1s? ECS Tuning lists them as a fit for MK7 but no one is certain they fit a 2019. They are available in the 17x7.5 spec and are very light. I have researched the Konig Runlite (currently very hard to find in 17" in black/gray), Enkei Fujin, and the Sparco Asseeto as the top candidates. Are there any others that I have overlooked? I am hoping to source something to run on for the remainder of this season locally.
      For wheels, the Konig Runlites are the best value at $124/ea and 18.94lbs

      I have 2 sets of Advanti Hybris in 17x7.5. 1 black (painted) 17.6lbs and 1 set in silver (17.2lbs). I think they are the best looking light wheels, personally.
      I got mine from TireRack back in early 2017 for $145/ea. TR doesn't seem to sell them anymore.
      I've used 1 set as my daily wheels for 36K miles and they've held up great including surviving some potholes and train tracks I thought would have killed them.
      Now they sell for $170ish new.

      This is a site with some of the options and good prices, the Advantis and Konigs in stock:

      I've seen photos of 17x7.5 Enkei RPF1s on PP cars before. I would assume they fit unless the 2019's brakes are different.

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      08-13-2019 02:42 PM #878
      Great feedback! Thank you, both. I was not aware of the retailer that you supplied the link for. I think there is a very good chance I use them if the RPF1 test fit does not work.

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    6. 08-28-2019 12:28 AM #879
      What alignment settings do you run?

      Quote Originally Posted by Silver_arrow12! View Post
      proper alignment are what transform the car.

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    7. 08-29-2019 11:16 PM #880
      Quote Originally Posted by d_k View Post
      What alignment settings do you run?
      I've settled on zero toe front, -1.8 deg rear camber and .06 deg of toe in rear with 245/40 17 tires.

      That's with H&R 26mm rear sway bar.

      I run 32 psi front and rear, then adjust rear pressure up or down to increase or decrease rotation.

      I might go with a touch of toe out up front, but that risks some mid corner understeer and VW used zero front toe on the CSS.

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