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    Thread: 2005 VW Touareg won't shift

    1. 07-18-2015 10:56 PM #1
      Will not shift from park . Any recommendations I heard brake pedal switch but I don't know where it's located let all me fix it. hELP

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      10-27-2017 11:39 AM #2
      Brake pedal switch should be behind the brake pedal. The pedal arm makes contact with the switch (looks like a push button) and could be black or green in color.

      The switch is somewhat delicate and requires pushing/twisting to remove /install. If unsure of abilities, best to take it to a trusted shop or dealer.

      The switch itself is relatively inexpensive.

      Is there a recall on that switch? I know I had one on my 04 gti and when it went in for a timing belt change, the dealer replaced the coil packs and brake switch under recall notifications.
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