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    Thread: Back Pain Relief?

    1. 02-14-2019 12:21 PM #26
      It worked for me once. I woke up one morning, and when I stood up it felt like someone had a knife in my hip. Over the next couple days the pain migrated down my leg. I went to my doctor who gave me Vicodin and told me to rest. It didn't help and one of my friends suggested her massage therapist who works in the best massage calgary lad so I scheduled an appointment. Luckily after few sessions my pain has gone. I think it definitely has benefits for acute injuries and things like postural pain and overuse injuries. Of course, it's better to apply to proven and well-known specialist.
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    3. n00b
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      05-10-2019 07:58 AM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by Edvardthe3 View Post
      Faced with similar issue. My back pain is back since I started working out. I was good until I started lifting. Any experiences with chiropractic treatment? Is it worth trying?
      It works well for me. Also, hurt my back while doing a deadlift. A pain concentrated in the left side of my back below the kidney. When I started working the next day it felt even worse, because of a desk job. I went to a chiropractor and after the 4th of the 6 visits, I finally felt relief. After this course, he strongly advised doing stretches at home, especially a trunk rotation stretch, hip flexor stretch, and generally all lower back rotational stretches.

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