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    Thread: Scratched Glass...repair or replace?

    1. Member
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      Feb 8th, 2003
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      08-14-2015 10:42 AM #1
      Need advice about how to repair scratched rear glass as a result of vandalism. It is definitely noticeable and pretty bad. Can it be repaired with a glass polish or is there any other means of repair? Do I need to replace it? Any advice will be appreciated.

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    3. Senior Member Eric D's Avatar
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      Feb 16th, 1999
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      08-19-2015 12:05 AM #2
      Cerrium Oxide works. Google for video examples.
      You'll also find many other products for different types of window damage.
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    4. 05-30-2017 05:31 PM #3
      Try the diamond polishing pads. I used them on ceramic and marble which is similar in hardness to glass. Use them wet and work slowly. There are a variety of grades...start with course 600 then go to 2000-3000.


      I also have a rear glass for an 84 GTI or rabbit. looks good except for small scratch...your for $10 + shipping.

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    6. 05-16-2018 03:44 PM #4
      If you can feel with your fingernail,the scratch is too deep to do anything about it.

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