After years of looking from afar I got my D2. I love it. But she is old and tired. I promised my self as it broke down I would repair it with better parts. When I bought it it had a timing belt service new rad exct. It was in great shape. I never raced on a real strip before and decided to pratice. for two years I ran this car nearly every weekend. loosing and figuring out little tricks and replacing parts to hit 14.35 seconds in the quarter. I also learned about Haltech motech and other neat things. I also let several people try to drive the car faster than myself. Interestingly No one else can. So what got me 14.2 and why am I posting? The d2 s close to my dream car which is an A8d2 coupe. The AUX Belt drive is also close. I may never build a coupe from a D2 so im happy. My car is pearl. L variant cream interior and mostly bone stock. My mods are.
custom air inlet under bonnet.
manifold back 3 inch stainless pipes hooked to track silencers which equate to stainless cherry bombs they are some off brand.
some Light tuning of the motronic. Custom welded O2 bungs which are in a terrible spot and will be reposistioned. Light port work and metal flap arms (thank you guys for posts on the 4.2 variable intake!!).
why im posting. I herd a clicking and after a family member passed drove to my old garage 1300 un-sure miles. My buddy and I pulled the valve covers to see the Timing chain slides were gone....
The car needs a rack put in and a belt service and a coolant pipe replaced. I am using now to do my dream build over the next two years. My big question after this long back story is two fold.

1 is the 40v Aux a good platform or should I buy a motor from a S8?
2 as anyone here used a haltech/ motech?

I havent seen one post on it please feel free to direct me pm me exct. Im considering a sport 2500. a sales tech said thsy will build me a map at haltech. im aware I need to dyno tune the car after its built. If anyone reads all of this and replys do your worst I take no offence and I need all the help I can. Ive never built a car wit an aftermarket ECM on my own. Thanks in advance.