This group not being able to decide whether Tesla owners are pickier than average, or less picky, says all you need to know. The reality is car forum people are not "normal" people. Tesla getting away with paint issues other brand would be "crucified" for? Yeah, but... you also realize 99% of those "other brand" buyers *also* rarely wash their cars, let alone examine the paint with a depth gauge. Meanwhile, plenty of lists going around Tesla owners for what to "look for" on delivery. Known issues. Super ridiculously picky people looking to call out anything they see.

Saying Tesla quality issues are just because owners are pickier than average is delusional.
So is acting like most people would even notice it on any other brand.

It is funny that we're still unironically predicting that the "majors" are gonna eat Tesla's lunch Real Soon Like Now, Any Day Now. Maybe it seems like a novel thought if it just crossed your mind, but mannn we've been hearing that for a long time. Not saying it won't happen. It probably will, somehow, some day. Meanwhile, I can just enjoy my car

Sorta reminds me of when I bought my first Mac back in 2002. I was a Linux guy before that. But the Windows people, man, how many man-years were wasted posting forum comments about how "once they have more than 1% market share they'll have a bunch of viruses and malware too!" Well, it might be right, it might be wrong. But meanwhile, I'm just here not worrying about that stuff.