Hello everyone,

I have always been a fan of the late 80's Ferrari Testarossa (esp the single mirror earlier models). I can't really describe why I like these the Testarossa's so much but it's probably due to the engine sound they make. Also, watching Don Johnson driving one in Miami Vice also did it's thing.

So here is my question. I was recently researching prices on-line and was literally mind blown that you could still find decent examples for under $100k. Why is that? Also, another question. Why are the 90's 512TR's so super expensive??? I mean all of them that are half decent. I don't think I found one for under $200k+ that I remotely liked. Isn't the 512 a literally the same car? Ok, I get it is a improved Testarossa but at 2-3x times the price? Come on....

Also, has anyone owned one? I know everytime I mention old Ferrari, all I hear is that stupid "cam-belt" or "engine out" stories.


Oh, some pictures and sounds:



Some sounds in case your Friday is a little un-exciting.