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    Thread: 2002 A6 a/c issues

    1. 08-31-2016 10:02 PM #1
      Hi All,
      Just bought a 02' A6 that has an issue with the ac...the compressor will kick on for about 10-15 seconds, the air will blow cold and then shut off. I checked the high pressure side with a gauge and the pressures drops to within spec once the compressor kicks in, so it doesn't have too much or to little freon in the system. I pulled the code with vag-com and it pulled a 01188 -Electrical connection between Control module and Magnetic Clutch 57-00 Electric circuit failure.
      Could this be the the high pressure switch? Any ideas?
      Thanks in advance!

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      10-03-2018 11:15 AM #2
      Probably just low freon, drain it and re-fill. Also check the switch/plug connector located behind passenger side of the bumper bumper just below the
      headlight and next to radiator on the front side.

      Make sure its plugged in.
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