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    Thread: my very old GTI

    1. 11-24-2016 11:04 PM #26
      Coolest car on TCL.

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    3. 11-25-2016 02:53 PM #27
      Quote Originally Posted by dutchyn1000 View Post
      Coolest car on TCL.
      You are too kind! Thanks 😀

    4. Member rlfletch's Avatar
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      Jun 11th, 2000
      2018 Tesla Model 3, 1988 BMW M5
      11-25-2016 02:59 PM #28
      Love your car. Let me know when you want to sell it. Seriously.
      Quote Originally Posted by Fritz27 View Post
      Mercedes typically makes awful manual transmissions and fantastic auto transmissions. Choosing the stick would be like saying, "Y'know, that Natalie Portman is pretty hot, but if she grew some hair on her legs and had a dong, she'd be just right."
      Quote Originally Posted by jnm2.0t View Post
      Was it parked on the curb on garbage day?

    5. 11-26-2016 07:44 PM #29
      Quote Originally Posted by rlfletch View Post
      Let me know when you want to sell it. Seriously.
      It will be for sale, once I get a good chunk saved up for my Porsche, I'll have to sell it because I only have a 1 car garage

    6. 11-26-2016 10:35 PM #30
      Hey Craig, your 79 is looking good.
      Miss the VW community in Victoria.
      Halifax is alright
      I get lots of love for my 84.
      1984 GTI
      2011 WRX

    7. 11-27-2016 09:04 AM #31
      Hi Rick

      Good to see your GTI still looking great on the east coast!

      Make sure to come visit us back in Vic when you can

    8. Member Dirty Hatch's Avatar
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      Jun 15th, 2006
      06 4runner
      11-27-2016 09:32 AM #32
      Nice looking gti. I had the same bumpers on my old 80 rabbit back it the mid 90's.

    9. Senior Member Cousin Eddie's Avatar
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      Dec 17th, 2005
      Ontario, Canada
      08 Infiniti Guido35x, 74 Datsun Z
      11-28-2016 12:30 AM #33
      Good lookin GTI. That interior is awesome, is the paint all original? It looks flawless.
      Quote Originally Posted by cockerpunk View Post
      yes, i am bored by FWD driving dynamics, and anyone who doesn't drive there cars to the limits and the beyond.

    10. Member Gear_Cruncher's Avatar
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      Mar 28th, 2013
      2013 GTI / 2017 GTI / 68 Chevy C10
      11-28-2016 04:53 AM #34
      Wow that's sweet!!!

      I'd love to find a super clean 83 or 84 US spec Wabbit.
      2017 Mk VII GTI 2013 Mk VI GTI 1974 Kawasaki H2, 2008 Honda CRF150R

    11. Member Stromaluski's Avatar
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      Jun 15th, 2005
      G'vegas, SC
      '67 Deluxe Bus, '80 Rabbit Truck, '92 Corrado, '01 S8, '13 CC
      11-28-2016 08:36 AM #35
      Subscribed! Super clean car!

    12. 11-28-2016 10:24 AM #36
      Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Eddie View Post
      is the paint all original? It looks flawless.
      It's been repainted, by a previous owner. It's not perfect, but still very nice

    13. Member freedomgli's Avatar
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      Mar 25th, 2002
      11-28-2016 10:44 AM #37
      Very clean.

      Fix the gauges dandling by the wires and it will almost be perfect.

      Skinny wheels & sticky tires are part of what makes these cars so much fun to drive, especially on bumpy back roads. Yes, you can get even more grip with wider rubber but you lose some of the fluid handling characteristics. I love sticky, tall, skinny tires on small wheels. Keep it period correct!

    14. 11-28-2016 10:54 AM #38
      Those are my callaway boost gauge and an air/fuel gauge. Looking for another console so I can make a little gauge panel without cutting up my orginal one. Good eye for noticing that!

    15. Member CallawayTurbo's Avatar
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      Mar 14th, 2006
      Netherlands Europe
      Touran TDI , Golf Cabriolet , Golf GTI , Beetle.
      12-15-2016 03:20 PM #39
      Nice Callaway :-) , whenever you need anything regarding , drop a note in the Callaway topic.
      Callaway C1 registry vault president./member Callaway Owners Group
      VW Golf mk1 Cabriolet Sportline with Callaway stage 3.
      VW Golf mk2 GTI , project car to be rebuild Callaway GTI Turbo stage 3 with BBS bodykit and wheels.
      VW Beetle , project dead car to be rebuild Porsche Speedster 356 kitcar.

    16. Guest pete@blackforest's Avatar
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      Aug 18th, 2011
      Raleigh, NC
      12-15-2016 03:26 PM #40
      Awesome GTI!

    17. Senior Member LT1M21Stingray's Avatar
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      Sep 13th, 2006
      Not in Europe. Boo.
      SR71 C30 t53a/b/b
      12-15-2016 05:49 PM #41
      Quote Originally Posted by white-rabbit View Post
      Hey Craig, your 79 is looking good.
      Miss the VW community in Victoria.
      Halifax is alright
      I get lots of love for my 84.
      Is that you @ 0:15?

      Quote Originally Posted by Perceptive Bunny View Post
      Quote Originally Posted by Mk1Madness
      Back when making your car faster and better handling was the big thing.
      Quote Originally Posted by Tavarish
      The car's best safety feature includes ejecting you in the moment of impact and wishing you the best of luck.
      Buy my couch!

    18. Member Lifelong Obsession's Avatar
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      Jul 23rd, 2011
      NW PA and Southeastern New England
      '08 Acura TL
      12-15-2016 11:19 PM #42

    19. Member
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      Sep 7th, 2004
      morgan hill, ca
      04 GTI, 03 E46, 17 Cross Trek
      12-15-2016 11:42 PM #43
      Not sure if that's a Blaupunkt head unit, but an empty space there is usually a more familiar 'classic' look.
      Declaring yourself to be a chicken does not make you a chicken - Ben Shapiro

    20. Member Sepp's Avatar
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      Dec 9th, 2002
      4th tower of Inverness.
      Group B WRC, Group A DTM, and BHRC Cat 3.
      12-15-2016 11:46 PM #44
      Love it, and love it more with the the OE skinny wheels.
      If you have a 5 cylinder, you don't need a stereo.

      What is a Homologation car you ask?

    21. 12-16-2016 09:27 PM #45
      Quote Originally Posted by BetterByDesign View Post
      Not sure if that's a Blaupunkt head unit, but an empty space there is usually a more familiar 'classic' look.
      It came with a radio from the factory, and the blaupunkt was installed by a previous owner. I haven't changed it because my take on the car is period correct (early 80's) modifications are ok

      The most egregious mod is the 16v bee stinger antenna. But I kinda like it

    22. Member gsprobe02's Avatar
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      Jul 19th, 2016
      Charlotte / Columbia
      03 Jetta 1.8t / 08 Honda S2000
      12-16-2016 10:06 PM #46
      Holy Carp That Is Frackin Clean.

    23. 03-11-2017 06:24 PM #47
      time for a small update. I've found the time to take care of the gauge problem. I made a little pod to hold the two extra gauges for the turbo, a boost gauge (Callaway no less!) and a air/fuel ratio gauge I didn't want to mount it and have to drill into anything, so it took a little extra time to figure something out. here it is. and I found a cool surprise when I took the centre console out.

      P1030142 by Craig McAulay, on Flickr

      when I took the console out, this was hiding behind it. obviously from when the cassette player was installed in the 80's sometime

      P1030143 by Craig McAulay, on Flickr

      monster power! 7.5W x 4!! must have been a decent set up back in the day

      P1030144 by Craig McAulay, on Flickr

      I'm still plugging away at it, especially now that the weather is getting nicer.
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    24. 10-29-2017 11:04 PM #48

      just an update. had the car out in the beautiful weather. she is going to be a daily for a bit while i fix the wifes car.
      Last edited by canadacraig; 10-29-2017 at 11:30 PM. Reason: pic

    25. Member
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      Feb 3rd, 2006
      North Las Vegas
      2017 Chevrolet SS 6M
      10-29-2017 11:08 PM #49
      Quote Originally Posted by Broduski View Post
      TCL would suggest a Bi-Turbo to a single mother of 4 just for sh*t's and giggles.
      Quote Originally Posted by Sold Over Sticker View Post
      Here we can all drive like Colin McRae in his prime, earn $25k a month and bang super models. We can also text and drive.
      Quote Originally Posted by BRealistic View Post
      You only live once, and you can file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy every 8 years.

    26. Member Phil Pugliese's Avatar
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      May 18th, 2000
      Reno, NV
      17 Golf Alltrack S, 08 Yukon XL
      10-29-2017 11:19 PM #50
      I had an 84. Timeless cars.

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