The posting rules mention that it's ok to post up our own videos here for critiquing purposes, so I figured what the heck.

As you'll see, I'm far from professional or even experienced, but I'm fascinated by the idea of using videos to evangelize "makership", I guess you'd call it. I'm no This Old Tony or Clickspring, and probably never will be, but the videography aspect has been a huge amount of fun so far, rather than the drudge work I was afraid it would be.

There are several things I personally feel are important areas of improvement: better & consistent lighting, better/more flexible system for mounting camera(s) around the shop to capture work, and continuing to get a good feel for how to handle audio (for the most part, I voiceover using a condenser mic).

Here's what I feel is one of my best attempts so far, and personally I'm really happy with it for now (though I'll probably look back on it with a much more critical eye months from now):

Any constructive criticism, suggestions, etc, is definitely welcomed.

I've got a lavelier mic on the way to help with audio captured in the shop, I've got a decent prime lens on the way that I'll be able to use instead of the Canon kit lens for nearly all of the shots in the shop that I need, but I feel like lighting is my biggest challenge right now. Not much extra space in the shop, and anything floor-standing will just be in the way all the time. I'm thinking of maybe a bunch of those LED shop lights (what I'm using over the Rivett lathe right now) with some sort of huge custom diffuser placed across the ceiling. IDK, just brainstorming.

Thanks in advance for humoring a total amateur! LOL