VWVortex.com - FS: 2005 Phaeton V8 Black on Black with 170,000 miles - Unbelievable Service Records - NJ - $5,500
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    Thread: FS: 2005 Phaeton V8 Black on Black with 170,000 miles - Unbelievable Service Records - NJ - $5,500

    1. 04-16-2017 09:22 AM #1
      Bought this in January from a gentleman in a wealthy suburb north of Philly. He had it for 8 years I believe. The car is in great shape. No issues at all, he even replaced the tire pressure sensors for a pretty penny b/c he got sick of looking at the light. Timing belt and water pump were done. Front battery is 3 months old (seller replaced for me) and he had just had the brakes done.

      Selling b/c I have undertaken 3 renovation projects and I just bought a truck. I have the service records in a .pdf file so I can email them.

      This is my 3rd phaeton. I traded my last one in for that kia minivan because we have 3 dogs and a toddler, but the lease is up soon so I picked up a new phaeton (which is honestly in much better shape than the 2004 I traded in).

      I'm having a bit of difficulty with my google photos. I can email additional pics.

      Please let me know if you have any questions,

      Jon in Morristown
      973-255-6435 Text or call


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    3. 09-01-2017 12:54 PM #2
      Still available. Now with new tires/rim:

    4. 09-06-2017 01:30 PM #3
      I'm open to any feedback on my posting as I've have not received any responses.

      Is there any information I neglected to include? is my price too high? I'm an experienced phaeton owner and i take good care of my vehicles.

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      09-07-2017 01:16 AM #4
      I'm not in the market, just trying to give feedback.

      I see that you posted this a while ago, but I hadn't even seen it until today and I check most days.

      As far as I know, it's priced fairly. It is fairly high mileage so you need to include more of what was replaced. Offering a file is good, but you have to get people interested first.

      Have the intake levers been replaced? Were they replaced with OEM or the billet aftermarket ones?

      Do the original wheels come with it? How are the tires on the original wheels?

      Since it's sitting on Bentley wheels, does it have a Bentley wheel for the spare also?

      Because it's a V8, you pretty much have to list everything it does have.

      V8s seem to vary from basic with manual trunk lid, no parking sensors, no rear climate controls, no massage feature and no wood on the console to having some of those things to being fully equipped to having everything + the 4 seat package.

      I see it is a 5 seater. What seats does it have? 12 way or 18 way driver's seat? Does it have massage seats?

      It looks like it doesn't have parking sensors. Does it have the power trunk? Does it have rear A/C controls?

      What kind of wood does it have? Does it have the Sensitive Leather or the Vienna Leather?

      What paint does it have? Does it have the Klavierlack option?

      One of the members here has a 2005 V8 4-seater and he thinks his has the cheaper paint and the cheaper (Vienna) leather.

      Read this thread and then read your build sticker. The pictures are missing but Michael included a .pdf file with the codes. See post #12:


      What year NAV CDs are in it?

      Do you have one key, two keys or three keys? Does it have floor mats? Does it have the rear foot rests?

      Does it have the first aid kit? Does it have a trunk net?

      Does the trunk open? How's the trunk wiring harness?

      How are the struts and other suspension parts?

      Does it have any owner-added Euro features?

      You should also wash it and get it out of the rain. Clean it and take more pictures, then put it in a garage.

      People here are skittish about KESSYs frying when it rains. Speaking of which, have your sunroof drains been cleaned lately?

      What front battery?

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      09-07-2017 03:27 AM #5
      It's getting more difficult to sell a high mileage Phaeton now that they are 12 - 14 years old and a lot of maintenance/replacement of parts is coming due. My opinion is that with your particular Phaeton you are looking at two groups of buyers. First are the Phaeton enthusiasts who know the car and all the quirks and potential maintenance issues and associated costs. Second group would be people that say, wow, look at that luxury car and it's only $5,500 without understanding the ramifications of the potential high maintenance costs.

      If you want to market to the first group, you'll have to lay out everything in detail, preferably a ton of photos and all the maintenance history listed. That takes some effort that might pay off. If you want to check out the webpage I put together when I sold my low mileage '05 earlier this year, is still online www.houseofcadillacs.com/phaeton. This might give you some ideas. Btw, in my case it paid off and the car went to another enthusiast which I' very glad about.
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    8. 09-07-2017 02:30 PM #6
      Very constructive feedback, guys. Thank you.

      I'll pull more information together and update my post shortly.

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