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    Thread: Hidden Spots in Arizona To Check Out?

    1. n00b heeney's Avatar
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      Aug 9th, 2017
      Phoenix, AZ
      2013 Tiguan
      08-28-2017 11:05 PM #1
      I moved out to Arizona a couple years ago and have been trying to visit all of the best spots in the state. Anyone have any favorite spots that are often over looked? Next trip planned is to go to Lake Watson in Prescott soon after this heat starts to die down.

      Some of my favorite hikes/spots I recommend checking out are:
      Weaver's Needle
      Havasu Falls
      Mt. Hunphreys
      Bear Mountain Trail
      Fossil Creek
      Antelope Canyon
      Browns Peak

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    3. Semi-n00b das Goldene's Avatar
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      Mar 24th, 2018
      Capital Region, NY
      2015 Jetta SEL TDI
      11-21-2018 10:53 AM #2
      Hey, I saw this post as I was looking for info about the Phoenix area. My wife and I are moving out at the end of the year and can't wait to explore the area as we settle in. How have you found the southwest?

    4. Member CruznMalibu's Avatar
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      Mar 11th, 2010
      18' Terrain, 14' StingRay, 71' Malibu, 05' Honda VTX, 00' BMW R1100RT, 2 C'Dales
      11-30-2018 08:10 AM #3
      Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon (Upper & Lower) - Paige, AZ

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    6. 10-07-2019 05:38 AM #4
      I know I might be late with this, but hey, maybe this would come in handy next time.
      What about places like The Lawless West, the Tonto Rim near The Mescal Mountain or Alto pit? I visit those at least once a year because there are so many great motorcycle trails. Most of them are made for dirtbikes, but that doesn't mean you can't ride a cruiser there. Though I would recommend installing a new battery or get an extra one before the trip, it should be authentic like this. By the way, I'm planning to visit Arizona next month. See ya there

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