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    Thread: AUDI MAGNET RIDE DE-CODED(only with vcds)

    1. Senior Member Wimbledon's Avatar
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      07-11-2019 02:06 PM #26
      Can anyone confirm that subtracting 8192 really is all I need to do??? I have a manual 3.2q and I’d love to choose a non MR lower suspension if I know that I can reliably code out any error from the magnetic ride.
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      07-24-2019 02:44 PM #27
      Just replaced my rear magnetic shocks with bilstein b4. They’re very soft. Great for a daily. Will be replacing the fronts soon. Followed the instructions step by step, but I have the adaptive headlights. So instead of coding 10. I had to code 24 i got 2 headlight codes on mfd so I messed with coding for cluster and subtracted an extra -32 from coding and got rid of 1 error from mfd but still have this one trying to code this out any ideas. I know this forum is a lil slow but feel free to comment

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    4. 08-13-2019 08:40 PM #28
      Thought I would update this thread with my experience. Tried for several hours to decode mag ride.

      I followed all the steps and I could never adjust the headlights after pulling fuse 9 so I would get the same failure message. When looking at the measuring blocks for the headlight range module, the front and rear sensors show unavailable. Someone also mentioned on another forum that for some reason, the headlight controller doesn't look to the front and rear level sensors even with changing the coding to steel springs. It still must be looking for the mag ride sensors.

      Doesn't make sense but everything points to this.

      So I reset everything and have the shock dash light. ESP no longer is on as well but the headlights work fine. Unless someone can add something or I missed something, looks like the KW kit is the only solution (at least for me).

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      Jul 15th, 2013
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      08-14-2019 12:13 PM #29
      I've gone through a couple KW modules and KW support are bastards about it. They won't warranty the modules unless you bought them with a KW coilover kit that includes them. I've bought a couple replacements through KW support, just replacing the one that failed, but that worked out more expensive than just buying another kit in the long run.

      If I had noticed earlier, I would have switched to the isweep kit. No first hand experience, but I like their other products and their customer service is better.

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