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    Thread: W223 S-class Spy Shots & Info

    1. Global Moderator MylesPH1's Avatar
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      02-14-2019 06:45 PM #26
      I get why many old school enthusiasts (myself included) are a bit resistant to these highly digitized and screen equipped interiors, but that really is a necessity for the buyers of these executive class sedans. I can grumble about how much I prefer the innate goodness and integrity of a W126 560SEL all day, but luxury cars these days have to be packed with tech to compete.

      And going with that premise, I still can’t wait to see this. I REALLY like the current S-class, they still feel special, I hope the new one is a step up. If they can make all that tech somehow feel simple to use, that would be a good thing.
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    3. Member
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      May 15th, 2007
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      02-15-2019 07:29 AM #27
      I think talk-based interfaces will pretty rapidly replace screens, and we will screens shrink away again (at least for non-self driving cars).
      Telling Alexa or Siri to play a song, adjust volume, set temperature, call mom, etc..., can all be done hands free, while keeping eyes on the road.
      My Comcast talking remote control is amazingly good at listening and understanding, as are these Google and Amazon home assistants.

    4. Member TangoRed's Avatar
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      Sep 7th, 2005
      Seattle, WA
      02-15-2019 02:25 PM #28
      A better view:

      Quote Originally Posted by Doug Butabi View Post
      And on the tenth day of the two thousand fifteenth year, TCL finds out about rich people.

    5. 02-16-2019 02:58 AM #29
      Quote Originally Posted by TangoRed View Post
      To preemptively answer people's questions, no this will not have the CLS and A-class headlights. None of the traditional models will.
      Good because those headlights suck

      Gimme formal anyday

    6. 02-16-2019 03:18 AM #30
      annoying screen makes the cabin feel smaller wish they would have kept a similar dash design to the current

      Wish they;d find a way to make these LCDs more matte finish with less reflective ability

    7. Member Ark6's Avatar
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      Dec 14th, 2007
      San Francisco ,CA
      15 Mazda 3, 07 Ducati Monster S2R
      02-16-2019 04:06 AM #31
      Quote Originally Posted by TangoRed View Post
      By now many people have seen this interior pic:

      I can tell you that the instrument cluster/surround will change and that is not the production unit in the interior. The center touchscreen will "float" with the rest of the interior taking an airy vibe inspired by the Maybach 6 concept.
      I sure hope so. The Model S has better integration, for both screens, than this. I'm sure MB will come up with something nice, the current interior bests anything not built for English royalty (read: Bentley/RR)

    8. Senior Member 2.0T_Convert's Avatar
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      Mar 23rd, 2009
      Fake Rich C300
      02-16-2019 09:54 AM #32
      Liking what I see so far, only critique is the bezels looks thick compared to the Model S screen.

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