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    Thread: The Rabbit TDI Project Part 12: A bunch of Little Things

    1. 06-16-2003 10:04 PM #1
      The Rabbit TDI Project
      Part 12: A bunch of Little Things

      Or: stuff worth mentioning, but not spending too much time discussing

      1. Hourmeter
      The truck is a diesel, diesels need hourmeters. It's some unwritten law.
      My gauge is hidden in the passenger side dash speaker location.

      2. OBDII connector
      Located in the driver's side dash speaker location

      3. Subwoofer
      VW pickups don't have alot of interior space, but VW didn't think of that, and left
      all kinds of open space under the dash. Seems like a good place for a subwoofer.

      4. Speakers
      6.5" full range, located in each door

      5. Door Panels

      6. LEDs for the car alarm
      located in each door by the lock pull.

      7. Keyless Door Handles
      rear handles from a 4-door converted to work in the front doors.

      8. Power Door Locks
      made necessary by #7

      9. Quick Access Front Bumper
      A reasonable use for hood pins...

      stay tuned...


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      Part 2: Installing the Engine
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      TDI Rabbit
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    3. Member big swifty's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 11th, 2002
      Burlington, Republic of VT.
      06-17-2003 12:51 PM #2
      You Rock!
      I have an ALH engine that is in search of a body!
      I was seriously considering a QSW but have been pondering a Cabby as of late. I'll most likely be asking you questions either way.
      1987 Vanagon Syncro // Westfalia pop-top graft // ALH rebuilt with head from Franko6. (ASV 0.5mm Oversize pistons). AFN 110 RC 2,3,4 // VNT 17 // PP520's. A fast brick.
      2013 Golf 4d TDI.
      No mods. Yet.
      1991 Jetta coupe TD. Giles Superpump. Custom tall 5
      speed from AA Transaxle.
      1989 BMW 325ix. The tank

    4. 06-18-2003 04:35 PM #3

      How about a Mk1 Scirocco?
      That would be alot of fun, and quite original.
      The Cabriolet would also be alot of fun, but may be a bit smelly with the diesel.
      In my time spent researching my, uh, little project, I've come across or
      heard of about 8-10 TDI A1s.
      Two or 3 Rabbits/Golfs, and the rest were Pickups/Caddys.
      'Course, I seem to be the only idiot to tackle fitting the ALH into the A1.
      Did I say idiot? I meant pioneer/visionary...


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    6. n00b
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      May 29th, 2011
      pulaski ny
      1981 rabbit pickup, 1992 jetta eco diesel,
      05-29-2011 01:11 PM #4
      i love what you have done with this swap. i am about to put a azz into my rabbit pickup. i really like the four head lights. what did the grill come off of was it a cabriolet? did you have to do much to make it work?

    7. 05-30-2011 01:33 AM #5
      The inner grill and headlights are from a mk1 Scirocco.
      The outer grill is the stock grill modified.

      a little information here:


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