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    Thread: Lumber rack

    1. 12-31-2017 07:02 PM #1
      I want to make a lumber rack for my mk2 golf. It just seems more practical for a few long boards than making the trip in a big truck. The OEM bumbers would be taken off and new bumpers made that would accept the lumber rack. It would be removable.

      Has anyone done this already? I would rather do this than use a trailer.



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    3. Member XClayX's Avatar
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      01-02-2018 05:39 PM #2
      For years I used a Yakama rack with (yakama) load stop blocks on them. Pack of ratchet straps and your good to go. I'd make sure you account for all movement and play it safe when hauling lumber. Luckly I have a pretty quiet drive home from HD.

      A trailer is likely more beneficial in the long run, or a mini van (seriously). Its a covered truck, rip the seats out and drop a 4x8 in there.

    4. 01-02-2018 06:09 PM #3
      After i posted this i realized a roof rack will have to be part of the system. I'll fab the extensions to attach to the bumpers and the roof rack from front and back which will result in a three piece system. And when not in use, the extensions can be detached and stored.

      I thought of a trailer, but I'm more interested in getting away from taxes and tires on something used only periodically. Besides it will be a really good challenge/project.

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