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    Thread: FS: 81 Caddy LX... Portland OR

    1. 01-25-2018 01:41 PM #1
      Throwing my caddy up to see if there is any interest. I love the darn thing but I am losing steam and looking to work on other projects. Clean Oregon tittle.

      Original Oregon car that was parked in 1991, I bought it in 2013 and got it back on the road. This was a project so it has been modified, I tried to list it all below.

      First the bad:

      -It has rust on the lower portion of the front and rear windshield, the front will leak a little during rain but I have kept it indoors ever since ive owned it. Also a tiny bit of rust just behind the drivers door, I can send a pic. That is it for rust other than surface patina. Floors are SOLID, I did repair a couple of small pin holes and sealed them with POR15. Strut towers are solid as well.

      -Windshield has a couple of quarter size rock chips, but they haven't spread to cracks.

      -Dent on passenger side door

      -No headliner, currently have some "roof matting" on there to quiet things down. I do have the board (dry but broken) that I was planning to use as a template for making a replacement.

      The good: (if a part says "NEW" it means that it was new as part of the rehab, so it has less than 3000 miles on it, I barely drive this truck (summer, never in the rain and this is Oregon so...)

      Runs and drives.
      1.8 16V
      NEW MS2 management
      -Running fuel only at the moment
      -Stock spark/knock box.
      -Innovate Wideband O2, display wired.
      -Passat TB
      -BBM Fuel rail, Porsche Fuel pressure regulator
      -Well documented, I will give you a 3 ring binder that explains the current set up.
      NEW Catch can set up
      Deleted the huge breather for a catch can set up, also deleted the oil/coolant heat exchanger.
      NEW Raceland header
      NEW TT 2.25 catback exhaust.
      Home made test pipe AND cat-pipe to go through emissions
      4 Speed trans- See below for spare parts though.
      Dropped approx. 3" on lowering springs on the front and removed middle leaf at the back. New shocks all around, air shocks in the back.
      Mk2 GLI recaro power seats (not wired) in great shape. also have stock seats in decent shape for 37 year old seats.
      Fuel tank was removed and completely redone by professional shop (baffle, tubing, sealed)
      All lights work. Headlights are Indian "Hella knock offs" Autopal? But you can swap bulbs.
      Original instrument cluster with Clock but I added a digital rev counter where the MFA display would go in fancier models.
      NEW radiator
      NEW Brakes all around
      Has a sweet, straight set of door cards (uncut!) installed.
      Interior (peanut butter) is complete.
      Brown Cabrio center console with working oil pressure, oil temp and 1 spot used for AFR display.
      Most interior lighting is LED.
      Great tailgate.
      Clean grille, corner lights, taillights.
      New rain tray cover from MK1Autohaus
      Retrofitted the original license plate lights with yellow LEDS, it really makes the Yellow plates "POP"
      Original plates for that vintage look.
      NEW fuel pump relay.
      Tarantula wheels with matching spare under bed.
      NEW tires (it could use alignment though)
      Solid rear window.
      Matching key for all three locks.

      That's all I can think of, all systems work as far as I remember...

      A box of parts: I get ahead of myself and buy parts... They all go with it for the right deal.

      -MK1 Gti short ratio 5 speed trans (90mm axles just like the current set up) (comes with clutch/FW)
      -5 Speed swap linkages
      -Brand new TT short shift kit
      -Extra, unused 210mm Flywheel
      - extra sets of wheels in need of some love. 13" scirocco wheels with well used slicks on.
      -Energy suspension transmission mounts.
      -Random interior bits I had been collecting like the original gauge-less center console and a brown "Wolfsburg" steering wheel.
      -All the parts needed to do the headlight relay mod.
      -A pair of oldschool yellow foglamps (I just could never decide where to install them)
      -Vintage cassette radio set up.

      Im sure there is more... but that is all I can think of. $4500 as a place to start.

      Some photos on this page https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthre...caddy-lx/page2


      The day I bought it.

      After I got it running, wearing the rocco wheels that are part of the deal.

      Pretty much as it sits now...

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    3. 01-30-2018 06:43 PM #2
      Bump. OBO.

    4. 02-09-2018 05:23 PM #3
      weekend bump

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    6. 02-14-2018 05:59 PM #4
      Get it.

    7. 02-27-2018 02:45 PM #5

    8. n00b dubber1.8t's Avatar
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      04-25-2018 02:31 PM #6
      what are you asking for it or would you b e willing to trade?

    9. 04-27-2018 02:55 PM #7
      Quote Originally Posted by dubber1.8t View Post
      what are you asking for it or would you b e willing to trade?
      I’ll throw 4500 as a place to start. I would listen to trade but mostly looking for cash

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      05-17-2018 01:45 PM #8
      Post any interior pics?

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    11. 05-19-2018 12:27 AM #9
      A little messy but it’s all I have right now

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