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    Thread: Special Tools

    1. 03-03-2018 05:14 AM #1
      Would be good to know measurements and drawings of VAG special tools, if somebody has some tools for reference, to post it here. For someone who wish to manufacture their own tools.

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      07-18-2020 03:02 AM #2
      I made a very short T30 bit for removing the cam cover on TSI motors, if you're just fixing a leak and not removing the motor mount to do a whole chain job. Its for the two bottom bolts close to the motor mount. I took a typical bit that was about 20 mm long and ground off both ends to make it about 12 mm to go on a 1/4 Snap On bit driver. Otherwise you're in there with a 10 mm box wrench on bolts that seem to be rounded off right from the factory, and at a tough angle.

      Easy enough and dirt cheap to make one so no real market for it.

      What I would like to do is affix a 12 mm triple square bit, about 1" long or maybe less, to a foot-long ratcheting combo wrench to get that one recessed bolt on TSI motor mounts on the timing chain side. What a pain, and a dedicated tool would save a lot of time and help make it a one man job. Right now I use a short ratcheting combo wrench and a bit with a couple o rings to hold it in place, and a buddy to put some pressure until it's loosened.

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