VWVortex.com - looking for a tuning shop near Bozeman, MT
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    Thread: looking for a tuning shop near Bozeman, MT

    1. 04-21-2018 07:00 PM #1
      Good friend of mine just moved to Bozeman and just bought an alltrack. i've checked the major tuners, APR, Unitronic, GAIC and REVO and I didn't see anything closer than 300 miles. Does anyone know of a shop closer? Much appreciated!

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    3. Member Beitz DUB's Avatar
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      Sep 22nd, 2008
      Parker CO
      '01 Jetta, '10 A4, '14 Harley Davidson F150, '91 Superjet, '94 FX1
      04-23-2018 12:07 PM #2
      Tell him to buy a UNICONNECT + cable
      HMW German car repair focusing on Volkswagen and Audi in Parker CO
      HMW on facebook
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      Dec 6th, 2004
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      01-28-2019 10:08 PM #3
      I made the best of a company trip to Colorado and had my Tiguan chipped at Bluewater Performance. Only way to get my car done since Unitronic didn't support the automatic VWs at the time.

      It's a great way to break in a tune.

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