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    Thread: 2018 Tiguan S Habanero Orange 3k miles

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      05-14-2018 01:56 PM #1
      I have a 3,000 mile Habanero 4mo Tiguan S for sale. Nothing is wrong with the rig, life just has really bad timing. If you'd like to read my "mid life crisis" story, its at the bottom.

      The Tiguan has been great for me and my girl. It has just over 7k mile on it so far and most of it has been between Spokane and Kennewick Washington. I got the car on Feb 14th and has been well taken care of. It is the S model with no sunroof. My last Tig had a sunroof and the car would NEVER cool down in the summer and took forever to warm up in the winter. (the 1 thing I didnt like about my last one) It has the mud mats, cargo liner, cargo net, a TON of those cargo blocks, and the road side assistance kit.

      I know that cars depreciate once you drive them off the lot (which is BS) but due to it being a "used car" Im dropping 6k off of what I bought it for. Nothing is wrong with the car, nothing has been recalled, I havent owned it long enough to have the first oil change done. Im asking $20,500 firm for the car.

      If you'd like to talk please inbox message me!


      My reason: edited

      We are on a Dave Ramsey kick for debt consolidation and reduction. We want to have our first kid and this payment is a big setback in our goals. Overall we would rather have a kid payment than a car payment. ...plus I can work on my bus

      My 2012 was hit twice in 2 weeks and I was forced into a new vehicle due to insurance. My last Tig was almost paid off too. Ive been waiting to get an engine and some other parts for my VW Bus so I can fix it and drive it. #1 Biggest goal for me is to make my bus a daily driver. Having a new car payment is a HUGE block in my road to restoring my bus and I cant bring myself to wait another 5 years to put money toward the bus. The payment isnt bad, but I'd much rather put my money into restoring my bus. Life is short and you have to do what makes you happy. Not to get mushy with you guys, but its literally the reason I am letting the Tiguan go. I just love the bus more.
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      I buy buy buy....and forget to fix fix fix....

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