Packing up the wife and kids and spending two weeks in the Basque Country in Spain staying with friends near Bilbao with a little stop over in London for 3 nights on the way back. Leave Los Angeles on the 5th, get to Bilbao on the 6th in the evening after a layover at LHR

The first 5 days are going to be a tour of the Basque Country and Northern Spain, with a quick dip into France. Here's a little itinerary my friend gave me:

Ok I will send you a trip plan I made for the days 7th August until 11th

Going to Pamplona to see the place that the running bulls take place and Hemingway wrote about. Later we will sleep the first night in Arguedas, next to the Dothraki land. And visit that night Tudela and its historic center

Next day in a short drive we will visit the Palacio Real de Olite and town and from there late in the afternoon after lunch and a small walk we will drive to Huesca. There we will attend to the start of a traditional fiesta there. We will stay in a house a cousin of Ainhoa let us use.

That will be our main base for the next 2 days and we will visit Alquezar, Broto, and the Pyrenees and its little towns

Then we will move to Biarritz and Hondarribia, the French border with the basque country. Beaches and beautiful towns. We will sleep, and the next day we will go back to our home while doing some strategical stops
We're going to dip into Bilbao, see the Guggenheim and a few other things around there one day.

I plan on getting out early on a couple of days and do some high pointing, tagging the summits of the highest points in the region - Aitxuri, Aizkorri, Aratz, Gorbea, Anboto & Ganekogogorta are on the list..

The wives and daughters are going to stay at my friends parents house in Santander one night while myself, my friend and my son go for an overnight in the Picos De Europa, staying at the night at the Refugio Vega de Urriellu at the base of Naranjo de Bulnes and then hitting the highest point in the Picos, Torre de Cerredo, either on the way in or the way out. We're going to cheat a bit and take the cable car from Fuente De up to el Cable to cut some hiking time off.

More hanging out and just relaxing are in order once that's done.

After that we're packing up and heading to London on the 18th. Staying near Earl's Court tube station and planning on taking the tube and seeing the Tower of London and a few other sights while we're there.

Home on the 21st and back to the grind on the 22nd.

Can't wait, I've been counting down the days