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    Thread: Mk3 door swap

    1. Banned
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      Jan 28th, 2015
      06-25-2018 05:41 PM #1
      I've been told you can switch a manual door to power , by swapping the regulator and stuff has anybody done this as l can't find a power dower door for my 97 Jetta

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    3. 10-18-2018 12:31 PM #2
      Not sure if you did this yet, but most do the opposite and swap from power to manual since the power regulators break frequently. Aside from the regulator/motor, you'll need to swap the door cards unless you want holes from the window crank and the full door harness wiring (door and interior sides of round twist connector). Manual window cars do not have all of the same pins in the harness which is why you need the full harness from door to fuse box.

    4. Junior Member
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      Nov 15th, 2013
      '02 Golf TDI Estate PD130
      03-05-2019 06:58 AM #3
      Assuming you already have a power door on your car and can only find manual doors to replace it with - yes it's pretty easy.

      Remove door from car - unplug door loom from jamb, remove door stay pin, loosen the small bolts in the hinges and lift old door up and away from car.

      Pull door cards from both doors (old and new)

      Gut new door and put all parts aside

      Gut old door and move all parts into new door

      Refit door card and door to car.

      You may have to fiddle with the hinges and striker plate to get it lined up/closing nicely but pretty easy job overall.

      This picture is from when I was swapping a new (gutted) door on to my car. Had to move all the innards across from the old door to new.

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