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    Thread: car disaster.

    1. Semi-n00b
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      May 10th, 2008
      08-10-2018 06:17 PM #1
      Maybe not the correct category for this post but..
      A few days ago i was driving my 03 jetta 1.8t and the engine caught fire. After the fire department put out the fire (everything in the engine compartment was destroyed) the fireman showed me the damage and said in his estimation the fire started in the battery somehow. The fire didnt burn through the firewall. The front tires still seemed inflated when the wrecker came to pick it up. The car had been pretty thoroughly ungraded between the original owner and myself. APR ecu, cold air intake, clutch, eurosport high flow exhaust, h&r lowering kit, mille miglia evo 5 19" wheels, kyb gtx struts, roll bar... etc. Ive never made an insurance claim ( i have full coverage) on a car but it seems like i once was told they usually give you current book value which would be around $3000.
      What Im wondering is, is there any hope i might be able to salvage the mods behind the motor back? Their original value is worth probably more than the total book value of the car. Is it possible or reasonable to consider salvaging those mods, buying another 03 jetta 1.8t, installing the salvaged mods on that?? Id be half way there if i could feasibly do that. Otherwise, i simply can not afford to start over from scratch. Any thoughts on this? It would be appreciated. The insurance adjuster is supposed to contact me monday afternoon.

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    3. Member fastinradford's Avatar
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      Aug 2nd, 2010
      West side of Oregon
      81 caddy VNT MTDI 02a.
      09-01-2020 02:26 AM #2

      Why I always have a fire extinguisher.

      But this video WILL give you hope.

      The fuse for the alternator melts quite often on those cars.

      Replaced A LOT of fuse holders that began to melt.
      smiles per gallon in a tdi rabbit are unreal

    4. Semi-n00b
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      May 10th, 2008
      09-08-2020 04:52 PM #3
      Well I appreciate it and everything. But after taking my time I ended up buying an 08 Audi Quattro wagon 2.0t. Should be ready for a stage 1 or 2 chip upgrade by now. I like it pretty well you know it's it's a nice car but repairs and work done are ridiculous!
      ! I'll never not miss my jetta tho.. But whatever .

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