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    Thread: Painting vs. Powder Coating Wheels

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      09-24-2018 09:44 PM #1
      I'm looking for new wheels on the cheap. I found a set of Porsche Cup 1 Replicas 17X7.5 all around listed for $275, but the guy said he would give me a deal. The finish is pretty beat so they would need to get refinished. Is paint acceptable for wheels, or should I just spent the money and get them powder coated?

      Something like this: https://scratchwizard.net/exterior/w...epair-kit.html

      Or something like Duplicolor.

      Once upon a time I painted a set of Corrado Speedlines with Duplicolor, but sold them right after and don't know how it held up.
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    3. 10-02-2018 03:54 PM #2
      I always assumed that powder-coating held up better, but a guy at a powder-coating shop told me that it usually only lasts about 4-5 years . I don't know if that's because of my location in the Salt Belt (Wisconsin) or not, or whether he was even correct. I do know that powder-coating costs as much as reconditioned wheels whereas DIY painting sets you back maybe 10 bucks, even if you have to do it every year. Aluminum eventually corrodes just like steel, and when that happens, I just replace the wheels.
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    4. 10-12-2018 09:10 PM #3
      A guy on on the mk4 part of the forum did powder coating in his own garage without anything special. I never had powder coat come off my motocross quads frame even with two yearly trips to the Oregon sand dunes. That being said I would wash it after every ride. Maybe set up a quick way to spray off your rims every time you come home or at least often.

      This just gave me the great idea of having a sprinkler to drive over after they salt the roads...

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    6. n00b
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      07-26-2019 03:19 PM #4
      I used to own a powder coating shop that specialized in automotive. It is by far a better choice and if done properly should last as long as you own them. Whoever said 4-5 years is not powder coating correctly. The only time issues arise is on steel. If it is not prepped properly it will rust through the powder. But that said from a cost point powder coating will set you back at least $100 per rim. I had coatings you could smash with a sludge and didnt chip off

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