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    Thread: I wanna buy a lift for the garage, thoughts and suggestions solicited

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      Nov 14th, 2010
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      12-03-2018 06:10 PM #1
      I would like my fellow forum member’s input on a new lift for my personal shop.

      As some friends already know, I spent most of my cash in 2017 building a 4000sq ft building to house my car hobbies. As I try and pay “cash for toys”, this was a long time coming and has also left me cash poor for my much-desired new automotive lift for my workshop. The bright spot is indoor storage for my classics and a place to work on cars at my leisure.

      After saving the last half of 2017 and working hard all year long, this has paid off with the 2018 Year End Bonus! It is time to buy that new lift.

      I already have a Bendpak MD-6XP scissor lift that I have had for 7years and she has served me well through restoration projects and daily driver maintenance. The $800 price was super right as a “like new” auction find from a car enthusiast estate, but I have always lacked “center of car” access.

      I intend to keep the scissor lift and I want add a 4 Post lift with a capacity of 9000lbs. I have been looking across the spectrum at many brands, types and price points. The only “Con” I have come up with on 4 post vs. 2 Post, is perhaps the lack of ease for a bottom out motor or transmission pull.

      I have considered the following brands and I think I have narrowed the field down, but I would like to get input without my bias.
      Bendpak, Ranger, Challenger, Titan, Auto Lift (which seems to be one of many names for an import lift fp9k-dx-xlt), Advantage, Nationwide, Atlas, Rotary, Wildfire, Back Yard Buddy and a few I might have missed naming.

      My stable includes things as light as VW Scirocco and as heavy as a Silverado 1500 4x4 and things in between, even a side x side UTV and Mahindra Tractor.

      Any first-hand experiences to share with quality, usability and price are welcomed.

      Once decided, I plan to share my decision and experience with the chosen brand and vendor.

      My 1981 Scirocco S w/2.0 16V Page http://www.jenkinsboys.com/81scirocco
      My 1980 Automatic Scirocco Build/Restoration Page http://www.jenkinsboys.com/80scirocco
      My 1980 Audi 4000 Restoration Page http://www.jenkinsboys.com/audi4000

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      Dec 31st, 2004
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      12-06-2018 03:50 PM #2
      i have a 4 post bendpack 9k lift. its a real game changer vs. the 2 post when it comes to swapping motors and other heavy work that the 2 post would be too far off balance for me to feel safe with.

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      Nov 2nd, 2019
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      11-06-2019 10:25 PM #3
      I would choose a 2 post most any day. The places that a 4 post really shines is it's quicker for lifting long heavy vehicles and for diagnosing some suspension issues. If you mainly are using it for cars finding a balance is a snap. Pickups can be a little harder, but if you are pretty much only going to use it for your own vehicles you'll learn how to position it to hit balance first try. 9k pound should work out great. I use a Launch Tech lift in my shop every day for the past year and it is holding up well.

      I wouldn't worry about balance when removing engines and so forth. Cars are so short that it really isn't any issue. Even trucks aren't a problem, however I do recommend the use of jack stands for heavy work on trucks. I use my 2 poster repeatedly for engine and tranny replacement and am quite comfortable with it.
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    6. 11-08-2019 10:27 AM #4
      The main reason why people like Bendpak is the price because they are cheap and built that way. If you want something with quality, Rotary has it wrapped up. I have a two post and I would recommend that you get the extended height option. There is nothing I have not been able to lift except maybe a Sprinter van [which I work on every now and then]. Worth every penny saved.

      The 2 post and 4 post racks both have their advantages and disadvantages. It's best to have one of each if you could afford it.

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