VWVortex.com - Since we can't buy a Golf R Sportwagen, I'm making my own
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    Thread: Since we can't buy a Golf R Sportwagen, I'm making my own

    1. 03-09-2019 11:24 AM #176
      Quote Originally Posted by AllThingsGhetto View Post
      Such an amazing build! Congrats on nearing completion. She’s beautiful!

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      Quote Originally Posted by ciphertext View Post

      Thanks, almost there

      Quote Originally Posted by White VW View Post
      Just add R fender emblems!
      Quote Originally Posted by Dieseldog12 View Post
      I'm almost thinking it'd be better be a sleeper and keep Golf TSI badges on it, heck leave the 4Mo off as well.
      Quote Originally Posted by 91beater View Post
      I second this! Leave off the fancy badges!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mudbone View Post
      From the one rear quarter view, I’d agree. Leave the fenders bare. It seems to be a very good, clean look. Single “R” badges on the front and rear are all that is needed.

      Btw, I've lurked in this thread the whole way. Your work is very impressive, and I'd love a ride in the car someday!
      Quote Originally Posted by Golf_Enthusiast01 View Post
      Nah, screw being subtle. Slap an AMG badge on the rear, M Sport emblems on the side, Quattro script on the front grill, and a Type R badge somewhere. Then you will be the ultimate sleeper because everyone will just think you’re an idiot until you rip past them in the snow. Awesome build by the way, such a shame the US doesn’t get the coolest of the wagons like the R and the GTD
      I saved the fender badges, I'll decide once it's all one color and back together.

      No major updates yet, Friday I finally dropped everything off to be painted. I also stopped by my friend's shop and my headliner still isn't done, but he assures me it will be this week. If all goes well, it should be 100% next weekend.

      I've never really had any interest in a personalized plate before, but for some reason I decided to get one for this car, should be here in 8-10 weeks.

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    3. 03-09-2019 11:32 AM #177
      That plate is sublime.

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      03-09-2019 10:32 PM #178
      Nicely done

    5. Member Geist296's Avatar
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      03-11-2019 04:27 PM #179
      Very Awesome...and great plate

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      03-16-2019 12:40 AM #180
      Absolutely amazing build... FWIW, I vote NO fender badges--keep it quiet and clean well done--it must be so cool to drive this knowing what it is and the work that went into it. Anyone who knows anything about these cars will see yours and know immediately what it is

    7. 03-17-2019 12:50 PM #181
      Finally got all my body parts painted and installed....

      The headliner is done and installed, but I'm still waiting for a few of the pillars. By the end of this week it will be 100% done, finally.

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      03-17-2019 12:57 PM #182
      That looks great! Nice work getting the car together in such short time.

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    9. Member HI SPEED's Avatar
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      03-17-2019 02:06 PM #183
      That bumper looks so good on the wagon

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      03-17-2019 02:07 PM #184
      Brilliant! Looks amazing. Congrats and thanks for sharing your journey!


      P.S. Your influence lives on... my GTI front bumper (previously owned but with all the trimmings) arrived on Friday so I now have a little project of my own to work on. (as soon as the grandkids get back to school) Thanks for the motivation.
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    11. Member AllThingsGhetto's Avatar
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      03-17-2019 05:03 PM #185
      You sir made my Sunday afternoon! Amazing results!

      Are you planning on keeping those wheels or converting to Golf R-esque wheels too? (thinking 19” Pretorias would look amazing on there)

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      Yesterday 12:09 PM #186

      Quote Originally Posted by 20vTa4
      No real drone and cabin noise isn't bad, idle sounds great. I have a non- cat, non resonator 3.5" cts downpipe and I suspect this is the reason it's so loud under load. If I were a little younger, I'd keep the exhaust, but I don't want to attract attention. Plenty of others have this exhaust and love it, if you're serious about getting one, I'll give you a really good deal.
      I did wonder if this might be the case. For a stock Alltrack/4MO Golf Sportwagen, this is a hell of a deal. If only I didn't owe acres of cash this year...
      1981 Scirocco 5MT
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      Philadelphia, PA

    13. Yesterday 12:40 PM #187
      Looks really amazing, great work.

      Have you sorted out the interior trim/headliner yet?

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