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    Thread: 2018 ride summary

    1. Member Samson's Avatar
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      Dec 2nd, 1999
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      12-31-2018 12:58 PM #1
      Somebody had to start this thread.

      That is both running and riding. I was hoping to hit 3,600 miles of riding, but came in at 3,592.7. Close enough.

      Also, what was your favorite bike-related thing? I'd say mine was either riding rental bikes out in UT/CO back in June or drop-barring my hardtail. That last one was a totally unexpected awesome idea. I don't have many of those. Or maybe it was my son discovering how much fun it is to ride his balance bike on singletrack. Actually, that's probably it.

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    3. Member OttaCee's Avatar
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      Quincy, MA
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      12-31-2018 01:41 PM #2
      Increased my totals 20% over prior

      Distance 1,340.0 mi
      Time 137h 31m
      Elev Gain 62,717 ft
      Rides 108

      Highlights for the year:
      Podium 3 races this year, won my local race series
      Did my longest mountain ride (which also was a race) 35 miles
      6 KOMs
      Got into gravel/road and scared the hell out of myself
      And got 3 new bikes this year!
      12 GTI 4dr DSG - APR
      02 4Runner SR5

    4. Member A1an's Avatar
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      Mar 22nd, 2007
      Bought not built.
      12-31-2018 04:29 PM #3
      Rough start to the year for me still recovering from shoulder surgery I had Nov 2017. I think my first real world ride was mid January and took it real easy until Feb. Still dealing with some related issues on and off. Highlight of the year was through riding the Tally Tango 160 in 16 hours on the SS 29+ and placing 8th. Learned so much about endurance riding and what I'm capable of. Was hoping to ride that high for the 240ish mile CFiTT in Dec but #2 came early end of Nov.

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    6. 01-02-2019 01:18 PM #4
      Sorry, not bothering to screencap.......but...I'll take it

      4358mi bike, 80mi run
      163,934 feet

      Biggest change.......best power and weight in 2017 was 250 or so watts and 75kg. This year was 300w and 69kg (after a huuuuge dump).

      So, 3.3 to 4.3 w/kg in a year. I doubt this year I'll gain much. Only so much time I have for this stuff.

      This year I want to of all things maintain an acceptable and non-invasive amount of running. I'd say 1.5 hour per week. Probably a 10k and a 5k weekly, if you include cooldown in the time.

      Also need to get this TT power under control. I cannot find a road/day/low wind day to really lay the hammer yet on the new setup, today's attempt was horrible.
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    7. Member
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      Aug 17th, 2007
      2012 GTI
      01-04-2019 01:21 PM #5
      2018 Stats:
      Distance: 5,895.2 mi
      Time: 325h 20m
      Elev Gain: 229,337 ft
      Rides: 240

      First half of the year was strong - made solid gains across the board. The 2nd half I didn't have anything to train for and work/life started to be more of an impact and had some injuries and illness. I am slightly annoyed I didn't hit 6k. Trying to get my motivation back but have been super tired lately. We'll see what 2019 brings.

    8. 02-03-2019 10:34 AM #6
      Stats 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr

      Not my best year, work kept me pretty busy. Got some cool rides in, ran my 6th marathon this year too. Some photos from the past year:

      Winter 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Bodega Bay, CA by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Paradise/Marin Loop w/ Doug by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Fall 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Fall 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Fall 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Summer 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Summer 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Summer 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr
      Summer 2018 by Geoff Potter, on Flickr

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