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    Thread: My first MK4: 2002 337 GTI

    1. n00b
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      Nov 6th, 2017
      Past: MK5 GTI, MK6 GTI, MK5 R32 Current: 337 GTI
      02-12-2019 12:23 PM #1
      Hello everyone!

      I just picked up a bone stock 337 GTI from the original owner with 76000 miles. It's my first mk4 and I'm really excited to get into the mk4 world!

      If anyone has some suggestions for certain maintenance and upgrades for mk4s that'd be greatly appreciated!


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    3. 02-12-2019 04:48 PM #2
      Congrats man! i am personally trying to get one myself one in the spring (337 or 20th). Usually the first thing is a ram air/CAI, downpipe, FMIC and a upgraded diverter valve is usually is a good place to start. Good websites are Urotuning (my favorite) and ECS tuning to find a good amount of aftermarket stuff. Also if you are not part of any mk4 groups on fb i would highly recommend that because of parts and advice!

    4. Member Rockerchick's Avatar
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      May 10th, 2005
      Cary, NC
      '16 GTI Autobahn PP, 20th Anniversary GTI, '84 Jetta TD, '82 Rabbit Pickup
      02-13-2019 08:36 AM #3
      First thing before any mods is to do the timing belt/water pump if it hasn't been done!
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    5. n00b
      Join Date
      Nov 6th, 2017
      Past: MK5 GTI, MK6 GTI, MK5 R32 Current: 337 GTI
      02-13-2019 09:17 AM #4
      Thankfully, the previous owner was very meticulous about maintenance and had the water pump and timing belt done about 10,000 miles ago!

    6. Member Disgruntled Ziemniak's Avatar
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      Oct 24th, 2016
      In the cupboard down by your knees
      337 GTI
      02-13-2019 11:09 AM #5
      As an owner, I can absolutely recommend this car.
      Just watch out for rust under the side-skirts and for the timing-belt.
      Enjoy it!
      Your favorite Ziemniak, hold the gravy.
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    7. Semi-n00b
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      Aug 6th, 2018
      SoCal (sorry)
      2003 GTI 20th
      02-18-2019 11:34 AM #6
      Make sure the sunroof drains are properly attached and cleaned out!

    8. 02-18-2019 12:36 PM #7
      337 don't come with a sunroof.....

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    9. 03-28-2019 06:16 PM #8
      What are the Main Differences . Ive got an 2002 VR6 24V 6 speed GTI . Love the car . What are the differences between a 337 GTI , 20 Anniversary AE model and a regular GTI . I know most were 1.8 Turbo cars and mine is sort of a Poor Man's R32 . I think the MK 4 cars are the best looking .

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