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    Thread: Porsche Rims 15"

    1. Junior Member
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      Mar 24th, 2016
      Fort Wayne Indiana
      1997 Jetta GT
      03-01-2019 03:08 PM #1
      Question, I have a 71 with early fenders. The previous owner has Porsche wheels on it but the tires rub the inside of the fenders. The front is lowered. Any idea what size tire I can get so they won't rub when turning or am I stuck like that. Thanks!

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    3. Member JDII's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2011
      14 C7 A6 SOLD! ,1965 TYPE 1, 1956 TYPE 1, 1948 SPLIT ,1997 Jetta GL
      03-06-2019 11:19 AM #2
      The guys who know about tire sizes will need a little more info and pics would be epic! What style Porsche wheels do you have? do you know the offset of the wheels? is the front beam narrowed? If so how much? where are the tires rubbing? inside , outside of fender well, on the shock towers? Are you running dropped spnidles? do you have disc brakes? are you using wheel adapters/ spacers? Im sure they may be more.

      I think I covered a lot of the question to be asked and answered! Like I said above Pics of the situation will help them a lot. Hope that helps! have a nice day.
      Smile it will get Worse!!

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