So I’m looking to see if anybody would be interested in taking over my lease on my 2017 VW Jetta 1.4T SE 5 speed.

Located in Carteret, NJ

Lease payments - $291.40 per month
Current mileage - 25,500
Lease mileage allowed - 45,000 miles
Lease end date - 9/2/2020
Residual - $10136.10

Car is in excellent condition. I will have a company car starting May of this year so I won’t be using this anymore. Lease would be transferred through VW

If anybody is interested, please reach out to me!

Car is a 5 speed 1.4T which is very economical. I added OEM fog lights through the OEM switch as well as upgraded to the 8 speaker package instead of the 4 base speakers (all OEM). Car also has a 2000lb trailer hitch with lighting plug as well. Exterior is silk blue metallic and interior is beige and black. No accidents ever. Does not come with LED tails or roof racks (can include for additional cost)

Comes with 17in OEM wheels on Continental DWS tires shown in pictures

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