Dear Friends,
hope all is well...

its been a horrible winter in Vermont and the roads are worst then ever. YOU need a mouth guard when your driving to prevent damage to your teeth and a possible neck brace.

Seriously, WHAT is the best way to tell if the Front Struts are weak or going bad or have gone bad? I know this may seem routine to many of you, But I'd like some advice about this and WHAT to look for and how it might feel driving a Fox with weak struts. Possibly other parts of the "front end"

It seems when I hit a small pot hole for example the tire seems to jump a bit for lack of a better term at this moment. Something just doesn't seem or feel right..Driving down a decent road or Interstate there isn't an issue everything seems tight. But, once there are pot holes or other such things and you happen to hit one of them the fun begins.

Any suggestions or help very much appreciated.

Sincerely, Raphael