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    Thread: FS: 2007 GTI - Stage 2 | DSG | Mods - Covington WA

    1. Junior Member fajitamondays's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2009
      2007 GTI
      03-12-2019 03:23 PM #1
      Price: $6000 OBO
      CL Posting: https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/c...832801215.html

      Description and notes

      VW enthusiast wanted! I want this car in the hands of someone that will enjoy it, rather than me trade it into a dealer only to get a laughable trade in credit, and have it be trucked off for auction, or the scrapyard. This car hit all the right spots for me through my twenties. I didn't think it would happen, but I now want something quieter, and something that doesn't attract so much attention. I've disappointed countless Subarus, and BMWs who have revved their engines at me, and my senior citizen driving style simply does not lend itself well to such invitations.

      Late 2006 build candy white GTI with DSG transmission, and the rare Votex bodykit. Package 2, with full leather, auto/dual climate control, and sliding sunroof. Mildly lowered on ST coilovers, with plenty of adjustment higher or lower.

      As usual for an enthusiast's car, I've spent thousands of dollars on upgrades, and associated labor. The car is priced on the high end of the KBB "Good" condition.

      It runs well for a car with nearly 138,000 miles on it, and the interior leather is also in good shape. There is only one wear spot on the driver's seat bolster.

      The aftermarket wheels are 3SDM 0.06 in 18x8.5 ET42 size, wrapped in Kumho Ecsta ASX performance all-seasons. They have about one summer of life left, before you'll want to put some new rubber on. The wheels were $1,200 when I purchased them. I recently had them professionally restored by Sound Wheel Works in Bellevue at a cost of $770, to fix some curb rash I subjected the wheels to.

      I will also include a set of four separate wheel/tires for winter use (currently mounted on car). They are Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 I purchased back in 2010, which performed very well during the Snowpocalypse of 2019. These studless winter tires were $624, and they have a lot of tread left on them, as I rarely run these. This winter set of tires are mounted on the OEM VW "Huffs", which have a healthy amount of curb rash on them, but look fine from "20 feet away".

      First, the wear and tear items, or things that need mentioning upfront

      Having the VW 2.0T FSI engine, there is minor oil consumption between oil changes (I'd say about 1 quart on average). It may actually just be due to a phantom oil leak on the outside of the engine I have not been able to trace down yet. It is not bad enough to the point where you will be dripping oil on the road. It just slowly drips along the turbo area, and seems to mostly burn off during normal driving.

      During the Snowpocalypse of 2019, a frozen high spot of snow on the road cracked off a good portion of the plastic belly tray under the oilpan. You can safely run without replacing this, and I have not noticed any extra roadnoise, etc.

      Front swaybar endlinks need a slight adjustment, as the swaybar intermittently clunks against the subframe/axle on bumpy roads. Easy to do if you take it in to a shop with a roll-on lift, or you can do it in your driveway if you have small arms, and some 2x12s to roll the front end onto.

      Major services performed

      Defective OEM air conditioner compressor (Audi/VW had a bad batch of these in the 2006/2007 era) was replaced with a new Sanden PXE16 compressor back in January, along with a new condenser/dryer, and associated parts. This alone was a $3000+ service! You'll have ice cold A/C for the remainder of the life of this car as long as you keep up on refrigerant inspections.

      Timing belt, accessory belt, water pump, tensioners, and thermostat was serviced/replaced at 100k miles by Achtuning. You won't have to worry about doing this again until 200,000 miles. The fuel filter was also replaced at this time for good measure. This was an $1100 service.

      Body/interior modifications

      * Front hood notch filled and painted professionally
      * Badgeless front grille
      * US Millworks tow hook front license plate holder
      * Front fenders pulled and rolled slightly to comfortably accept wider wheel and/or lowered stance
      * Euro spec rear fog light installed with euro switch
      * Trailer hitch and four pin wiring. If you're curious, the GTI pulls a fully loaded Sea-Doo very well, even being lowered, and with a hatch full of camping gear.
      * Power wiring for a Valentine One radar detector, and mini-USB type dashcam (Bring your own)
      * OEM side mirrors replaced with euro-spec aspherical style for better blind spot visibility.

      Engine/Performance upgrades

      * Revo Stage 2 tuning (Tuned for 91 octane fuel)
      * BSH engine mount
      * BSH torque mount insert
      * BSH True Seal cold air intake kit
      * BSH bulletproof diverter valve upgrade with external Forge DV
      * Eurojet catch can
      * Custom 2.5" turboback exhaust
      * High pressure fuel pump bolt-to-stud conversion, for easy inspection of the cam follower.

      Suspension upgrades

      * ST coilovers
      * TyrolSport DeadSet subframe collar kit
      * SuperPro roll center adjustable balljoints
      * Powerflex Street Serices adjustable polyurethane front control arm bushings (rear position)
      * ECS Tuning adjustable front anti-swaybar endlinks
      * 034 Motorsport track density front strut mounts
      * 034 Motorsport rear anti-swaybar (not yet installed)
      * 034 Motorsport rear anti-swaybar endlinks (not yet installed)

      Suspension refresh done by Achtuning at 100k miles, using the parts noted above.
      New tie rod ends installed back in January, along with an alignment by Auburn VW.

      Miscellaneous stuff you'll get in a parts box

      * OEM rear hatch wiper assembly. I removed it and installed a UroTuning wiper delete plug for a cleaner look. The OEM rear wiper was a poor design by VW, and creates a mess on the hatchback.
      * OEM engine cover
      * OEM front grille
      * OEM fog light grilles
      * Wheel bolts and hubcentric rings for the 3SDM wheels.
      * Wheel lock key for the OEM wheel bolts
      * Tow hitch ball mount and ball
      * Revo switch/dongle, so you can toggle the engine tune on/off as needed.
      * Genuine VCDS/"vagcom" OBD2 to USB cable, which lets you access/edit many vehicle controls, and service settings via a laptop. $260 value.
      * Spare K&N air filter for the BSH intake kit.
      * Spanner wrench for the coilovers.
      * OEM floor mats. The car currently has Weathertech molded floormats ($127 value)
      * Schwaben oil filter socket
      * (Whatever else I can find in the garage related to the GTI)

      Last edited by fajitamondays; 03-15-2019 at 12:28 AM.

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    3. 04-30-2019 03:53 AM #2
      Is the car still around?

    4. Junior Member fajitamondays's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2009
      2007 GTI
      05-06-2019 12:58 AM #3
      Car has been sold. Thanks for the interest.

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