VWVortex.com - Looking at 2015+ jetta or passat with 1.8T...are they good? opinions pls!!!
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    Thread: Looking at 2015+ jetta or passat with 1.8T...are they good? opinions pls!!!

    1. 03-15-2019 11:14 PM #1
      Hi gang, well my old toyota has bit the ghost . I'll be in the market for another used car. I've had my eye on some 2015-17 jettas and possibly passat too. In the past we had a 2007 passat wagon, it was fun to drive with the 2.0t, but it drank oil like a fish!
      I wanted to know how the newer 1.8t model engines are? are they more reliable than the 2.0's? still drink oil? any issues with these model year cars?
      i like the jetta for their size (from what i've heard). looking for a roomy back seat.
      has VW seemed to have improved over Electrical gremlins?
      any info would be great. Will have to find a car in the next coming week! yikes!

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      03-16-2019 09:10 AM #2
      I would read up/post in the model specific section for that information. This section moves slow.

      Jetta: https://forums.vwvortex.com/forumdis...0-Jetta-GLI-VI
      Passat: https://forums.vwvortex.com/forumdis...01-Passat-(B7)
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