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    Thread: Osram LEDriving Headlights on 2011 JSW Install/Discussion Thread

    1. 03-16-2019 12:02 AM #1
      Hello everyone! I have been in search of suitable headlight upgrade options for my 2011 JSW. I was very close to doing an upgrade to the factory GTI xenon lights but decided against it and was also in need of money due to a cross-country move for my job. Few weeks later after selling the lights, job transfer fell through so I was back to square one. I did quite a bit of research and found the Osram LEDriving lights for the Golf 6. They have a MK7 headlight design. The catch is that they are "Euro Only" and can be difficult to find in the states.


      I was able to find a Euro vendor willing to ship to the States. You can get them through Amazon, however it is difficult to get them to ship out of Europe. AutoPartsEurope was awesome and I received these a week after placing the order. Total cost with customs fees was $975 shipped.


      The biggest unknown I am running into so far is that while people in the US have successfully upgraded to these with GTIs, I haven't seen anyone take the plunge for a JSW. Supposedly a few Facebook groups have suggested people have done the upgrade, but I was unsuccessful in finding them during searches. The info is also pretty lackluster on the forums and I haven't seen anyone do a thorough write-up on performance and feedback. Will I need to replace a CECM? Will there be error messages? That's what I will find out. I'm very excited to have received these in such great shape after the long trek from Europe.

      Out of box photos:

      My first impression was that the lights are solid. Hefty, in a good way. They seem well made and just look amazing out of the box. The contrast between the housing and LEDs are great. I ordered the "BLACK" edition but there's also CHROME AND GTI (WITH A RED STRIP). These headlights are a Xenon conversion, includes control module and ballast. The bulb is a 25W D8S bulb which is rated at 2000 lumens. I am excited to report my findings in a few weeks when I install these. If anyone has any questions let me know, I will be updating the thread regularly once progress is made.

      Here's the JSW they will be getting installed on:

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    3. 03-16-2019 05:38 AM #2
      I look forward to your feedback!

    4. 03-16-2019 11:33 AM #3
      I like where this is going, sub'd for updates!
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    5. n00b
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      03-16-2019 01:08 PM #4

      I come from several cars with HID's from the factory, so I've been wanting to do some sort of upgrade to my '11 JSW since I got it.

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