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    Thread: Rattle on gas 2-2.5k RPM

    1. Member
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      May 19th, 2016
      Los Angeles
      2007 GTI
      03-16-2019 12:22 AM #1
      On some days the sound is more noticeable, but there is definitely a metallic rattle at 2 - 2.5K RPM. It stops when I'm off the gas and once I hit 2.6K RPM.
      The wastegate rattle seems to be an issue on deceleration, I haven't see any threads where rattle during acceleration was an issue.

      Any clue what it might be?

      No error codes except one knock sensor code that appeared a few months back and hasn't come back (just checked yesterday).

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    3. Member
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      May 12th, 2012
      2006 GTI 2.0T (GIAC X+ :D), 2004 GTI 1.8T
      03-18-2019 09:24 AM #2
      I see you are in California like me. It is most likely the 91 octane. I just moved here from Georgia where we had 93 octane (no rattle) moved to California and I have the exact rattle you describe. I am also GIAC tuned on 93 octane.

      I called GIAC to see if they could detune to 91 and they said because of California's crap gas, it's just the way it is, detune wouldn't fix it.

      Hope this helps !

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