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    Thread: Might be making a mistake, who still has a fox?

    1. 03-17-2019 12:33 AM #1
      Noticed the fox section is kinda dying, might buy my second fox had one 10 years ago..

      Should I talk myself out of this, I love foxes and this one's looks clean as hell, only problem it's missing a front windshield... and I know they're no longer in production so, kinda at a stand still 😩️

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    3. Member reddfoxx's Avatar
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      Sep 18th, 2005
      CMH OH
      '87 VW Fox wagon turbo, 2005 Sentra
      03-17-2019 09:35 AM #2
      I still have one, not running though. Last time I checked windshields were available, but the rest of the glass was hard to find. If it's in good shape otherwise, go for it.
      Not red, not blue- red, white, and blue

    4. Junior Member
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      Oct 24th, 2015
      Defunct 1988 Volkswagen Fox GL Sedan, !989 Fox GL... Wait for it.
      03-18-2019 02:36 AM #3
      I have two. The first one I bought that someone rear ended is now my parts car. It's basically stripped and I have all the parts. The 2nd one is a wagon I bought around San Diego and had shipped. It ran when it got here and had idling problems. Now I have no clue what's wrong with it since I've swapped out basically everything except electrical connectors and the starter. How I still wish I can get it to start and idle correctly.

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    6. Member bluetoes591's Avatar
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      Apr 3rd, 2009
      Vancouver, BC
      1990 Fox Coupe GTI, 1988 Fox wagon, 1997 Golf 4dr 1.8, 1988 Fox 4dr RIP, 1989 Fox Wolfsburg RIP
      03-18-2019 05:21 PM #4
      I still have two Foxes.

      Windshields are harder to come by, but last time I checked (last year) they could still be ordered.

    7. Member
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      Feb 24th, 2014
      Branson, MO
      1992 VW Fox 2-dr, 1994 Ford F-150, 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT
      03-20-2019 10:02 PM #5
      I've still got my 2-door. Wish I had another one, and the wagons are looking better the more I look at them.
      Yes, they are kind of a "niche" car, which brings its own baggage. And between the limited production/import numbers and the time that has passed since the last new ones hit the continent, they are becoming more of a challenge to keep running in any configuration even remotely resembling "stock". But they are still quite enjoyable to drive, and get more than average attention from the owners of lesser automobiles. My Fieros are in the same boat; difficult to find some parts for, but a blast to drive and everybody wants to know about them, take pictures or remembers when they had one.
      Bottom line - if you want it and are willing to put up with the accompanying issues, get after it. We're here to celebrate and miserate with you, and be like your automotive 12-step support group. Let us know what you decide.

    8. Member
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      Aug 6th, 2010
      PNW Oregon
      1988 VW Fox Coupe 1988 VW Fox Wagon 1989 VW Fox Wagon 1998 VW Jetta VR6 1980 VW Rabbit Pick-up 16v 1
      06-11-2019 04:10 AM #6
      I still have 3 of them, own 2 wagons and a coupe. I will always have a soft spot for the Volkswagen Fox. Not a fan of the face lifted “Nissan Sentra front end” but I do love the good ol Fox. Have owned 8 of them over the years. Wagons, coupe 2 dr’s and once owned a Wolfsburg Edition 4 dr. The Volkswagen Fox happened to be my first car as well. I highly recommend anyone buy one if you can still find one. Amazing Brazillian built cars. Bulletproof 4 speed transmissions. A clutch that doesn’t seem to ware out. My wagon has around 360k miles on it, still running and driving. Only major issue I’ve ever had with a Fox is passing emissions. Other then that, it’s a very good car.

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