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    Thread: Driving Through A Good Rain

    1. Member
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      Sep 12th, 2005
      Wilmo, DE
      '17 Tiguan S 4M
      03-20-2019 04:19 PM #1
      Is there any consensus as to how much driving in a good rain really washes out the undercarriage? Having a semi-stupid argument with a know-it-all neighbor.

      I'm saying: If you live anywhere that the roads are salt/brine treated in winter you're foolish not to give everything you can reach under there a good rinse come spring.

      He's saying: That's BS, all you need to do is go for a drive in a heavy spring rain or two.

      I can see that his approach is better than not doing anything, and that it probably does help a little. But that it's no substitute for a serious rinse with the hose.

      Any commentary??

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    3. 03-24-2019 06:47 AM #2
      I don't know how much water actually sprays up and under a car. The water is really very dirty but that beings said my cars have never really rusted much here in British Columbia, Canada. We do get a ton of rain for half the year and maybe a week of snow where the roads are treated a little. I think they mostly just treat the roads here with sand, gravel and salt so it's not like pure salt that eats away at cars like I hear about in the states.

    4. 03-24-2019 06:49 AM #3
      You can get coatings done underneath before hand if you really do a good cleaning on your car. I heard of someone actually spraying oil on everything underneath which is not a bad idea. It will make dirt stick and get stuck on like glue if you don't power wash it off which could do more damage in some cases.

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    6. Member
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      Sep 12th, 2005
      Wilmo, DE
      '17 Tiguan S 4M
      04-21-2019 08:53 PM #4
      Yeah, not particularly clean water. But not real dirty either if it's long enough after the end of Road Salt Season and it's a serious enough rain. Plowing through standing puddles would be a different story I guess. I meant driving while it's really coming down.

      My old Triumph made reference to this in the owner's manual (the whole of which was about a quarter of an inch thick... tells you how long ago this was) and I always wondered if it was BS or not. In the "Care of Your Vehicle" section it actually said to do this to "wash out the undercarriage." Who knows if that was meant to be taken seriously. But remembering this is how I started thinking about it more recently.

      Yep, lots people in New England coat the undercarriage with oil in the fall. Or they used to. Maybe you're not supposed to do that anymore, dunno. There were businesses that did this for you with some kind of intense mister/sprayer apparatus. So it's certainly not unheard of.

      Anyway, having driven through what counted as some serious rain the other morning, for like half an hour (despite that I did do my post-winter rinsing out underneath a month or so ago, using the PVC device that I made for something like $8 just for this purpose) I've decided that yeah the rainy drive will definitely do something under there. I based this on the sounds it all made. But again, who really knows. I'll be using the PVC item again in 11 months. It's made this maneuver pretty easy so why not.

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