VWVortex.com - Getting a P0106 CEL. Can anyone tell me what the Vagcom reads?
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    Thread: Getting a P0106 CEL. Can anyone tell me what the Vagcom reads?

    1. 04-03-2019 10:48 AM #1
      I replaced the MAP sensor and the light stayed off long enough for me to get a sticker but came back on. This is what the Vagcom said

      Address 01: Engine (CBU) Labels: 07K-906-055-CBT.clb
      Part No SW: 07K 906 055 AF HW: 07K 906 055 M
      Component: 2,5l R5/4V G 9970
      Revision: G6H03--- Serial number:
      Coding: 0000071
      Shop #: WSC 01057 444 101454
      VCID: 72E0037F6D9D5BDADB-8026

      1 Fault Found:
      000262 - Manifold / Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71) / (F96)
      P0106 - 000 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent - MIL ON
      Freeze Frame:
      Fault Status: 10100000
      Fault Priority: 0
      Fault Frequency: 13
      Reset counter: 255
      Mileage: 287717 km
      Time Indication: 0
      Date: 2013.08.16
      Time: 07:08:17

      Freeze Frame:
      RPM: 1990 /min
      Load: 22.7 %
      Speed: 30.0 km/h
      Temperature: 82.0°C
      Temperature: 13.0°C
      Absolute Pres.: 1010.0 mbar
      Voltage: 14.224 V

      Readiness: 0000 0000

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    3. Member Ichabod0525's Avatar
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      04-05-2019 01:59 PM #2
      Vagcom says the signal from the MAP sensor is bogus. There have been a lot of problems with folks using an aftermarket MAP sensor or the incorrect one. Slight variations in what appear to be identical but different part # sensors have been showing up in various threads. You did use one bought from VW by referencing your VIN right? Hope it's this simple. This is a fairly high mileage car, am I correct?

    4. 09-17-2019 01:12 PM #3
      Hi there,

      I spent some time chasing a P0106 code, and in my case the thing that finally solved it was cleaning the throttle body. It is not too difficult, but I would recommend removing the throttle body and cleaning it with actual throttle-body cleaner. In particular, the throttle blade needs to be clean around the edge where it meets the bore.

      I believe the reason carbon buildup can cause P0106 is that because the buildup makes the size of the throttle opening smaller effectively, the flow rate is reduced and then the throttle position sensor no longer agrees with the manifold absolute pressure sensor. The ECU then suspects faulty MAP data, when in fact the MAP is correct (in my case) but the flow properties of the throttle body have changed.

      Also note - some will say oil buildup in the plenum can kill MAP sensors, which may be true, and while excessive oil in the plenum can be a problem, some oil buildup is normal. I spent a lot of time cleaning up oil film and replacing PCV diaphragms when this was a non-issue.

      Best of luck.

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