To make it short, my mom and i are not very close, since she has all sort of problems with me for not liking my other brothers who were a55holes with me and my family some time ago.
So even when we live 20 miles apart, we rarely see each other.
I sometimes visited her but sporadically, just try to get her some groceries once a month or so. She may have come visited me 7 times in 10 years.
She is very manipulative, or at least tries to, and behaves completely different when one of her sons is present vs the others; hiding stuff, complaining about the others, justifying the others that were throwing **** at me and my family, that sort of stuff.
Anyway, it was her bday and we went out to dinner, i got a phone call on my cell and left the table for a little while, and she started talking with my wife about how she wanted to end all of it by ending it as quick as possible and stuff like that, saying that i dont frequent my brothers and they havent done anything to me and so on.
My kids and i heard it and theyre asking stuff about it.
Dont know if im more venting about it or asking for advise on what to tell them their granma meant with ending her life.